Transform your gander experience with these food hacks

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Although Gander offers a surplus of options incorporated through different stations, it is not uncommon for one to get tired of eating the same things repeatedly. Whether it’s through utilizing the salad bar or combining items from various stations, hacking the dining hall can be made easy with these simple recipes to spice up students’ favorite items.

Loaded fries to keep you satis-fried:

First, order french fries from the grill station at Gander. Next, head over to the salad bar and add desired toppings such as bacon, cheese, corn, jalapenos; you name it. Finally, microwave the loaded dish for about 30 seconds and dig in.

Pizza ba(e)gel:

To start, grab an ordinary bagel. Then, ask for a side of sauce at the pizza station. Spread the desired sauce amount onto the bagels, covering them completely. Lastly, choose toppings. Get creative with this step by utilizing the various salad bar options. Top it off with different types of cheeses, meats, mushrooms, peppers; the options are endless.

To Ursula Hougbedji, a second-year student, the food at Gander wouldn’t be her first choice. “It’s terrible and expensive. They don’t have fried chicken and it all tastes pretty bland. I take all of the seasonings by the sauces and add those to my meals, and I also add toppings from the salad bar to the food I buy.”

Chicken and waffles, to waf-fill you up:

Place an order of chicken fingers at the grill station. Next, fire up the iron and make a waffle. Then, lay the chicken fingers on top of the waffle. To mix it up, create chicken and waffle sliders, using the waffle as the bun. Or, wrap the chicken in the waffle like a taco. Top with syrup for ultimate satisfaction.

Soup-erb soup:

Spice up a cup of soup from the deli station by first getting a cup of soup, then go to the trusty salad bar to add vegetables or even different meats and cheeses to it. Top it off with pepper for an extra kick and enjoy.

These 4 ways of transforming typical Gander food are guaranteed to spice up your typical dining hall experience. With that being said, what will you try first? Let us know your favorite Gander creations by tweeting us @maryvillepawprint.

The outside of Gander Hall. Photo courtesy of Hanna Wright.


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