New to the Lou: Salty Uncertainty

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New to the Lou fans, Saints, and PawPrint readers, the time has finally come; A spot which I would not particularly recommend to my audience. This week, I was searching for a spot where I could find a snack. Its not every week I have a full meal to review in the budget. Something quick, easy, and most important affordable for us college students.

What I found was certainly “A Twisted Experience,” as their slogan describes, at Pretzel Boy’s located at 5006 Hampton Ave. When you think of a soft pretzel, you may firstly think of the leader in this market- Auntie Anne’s. At Pretzel Boy’s, you can expect pretzels far from the standards of Auntie Anne’s but rather a more flavorless, dry pretzel. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, however, so I cannot speak for everyone who has tried a Pretzel Boy’s pretzel.

On the dipping side of the menu, you can find flavors a cut above, including cheddar, American, or jalapeno cheeses, or vanilla cream cheese icing. Very hearty dips to accompany whatever your selection of the menu may be! Pretzel Boy’s serves nuggets, “softies”, and pretzel wrapped meats.

I chose to go all in with the “2 softie combo” which includes two soft pretzels accompanied by your choice of cheese and a drink. I decided to go with the cinnamon sugar softie and a regular, salted softie. While I can’t say I was overly enthusiastic about the pretzels I received, they definitely weren’t the worst snack I’ve ever had.

My roommate Lauren Dickhut, Maryville University second-year physical therapy major, said that “the pretzels were underwhelming but the cheese and cream cheese I got to dip them in were amazing”.

Lauren works at Creve Coeur park as a concessions attendant, so she has had her fair share of soft pretzels. She often takes one to go after a shift and would consider herself somewhat of a familiar judge of soft pretzels.

My other roommate, Jordan Bodden, who is also a second-year Maryville University physical therapy major says, “I wouldn’t go back to Pretzel Boy’s, but it was a fun adventure!” Jordan ordered the pretzel wrapped bratwurst, which she found was slightly underdone.

All three us of were anticipating getting an end of the week snack, but it ended up not being what we expected. You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! It certainly was a try! Tune in next week to see what spot I will be trying and recommending. Suggestions to new places are always welcome!

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If you are looking for something quick and cheap, you can order a soft pretzel for under $2.00 at Pretzel Boy’s. Try if you dare.. That’s all for this week, I’ll catch you all next time on New to the Lou!

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