Eras of Her: What Margot Robbie Was Made For

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Did you know that Margot Robbie started off her career by acting in soap operas and TV shows? Long before her major performances in movies such as Suicide Squad and Barbie, the little Australian actress at the time was a nobody in the entertainment industry. Although she started her acting career in 2008, it wasn’t until 2013 that she got her first big role as Naomi Lapaglia in Wolf On Wallstreet, acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s a pretty impressive start for your first major picture! Since then, she has gone on to do many more major films that many people have grown to love, however, she finds herself these days wanting to be more of an advocate for women’s rights in this industry as entertainment has an ugly past with sexism. 

In 2014, Robbie decided to create her very own production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, to focus on promoting films and a work environment that is equal for all genders and that also focuses on ensuring that everyone has a voice. Since establishing her business, she has gotten to work on creating and promoting movies that focus on strong, independent female characters and protagonists. Notice I, Tonya, a movie about a female protagonist who is the first American to compete a triple axle in a competition, but is screwed over when scandals arise during the Olympics and her competitor is injured. Robbie uses this film as an opportunity to address the true meaning of feminism and how it can be life-changing for all.

“Through LuckyChap Entertainment, Robbie and her team are making a concerted effort to open more doors for women in Hollywood. But she’s also using her own personal platform to advocate for women’s rights in the industry” (Rolling Stone 2023).

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Margot Robbie uses her own company to produce the movie, Promising Young Woman, a film centered around a female protagonist who isn’t afraid to fight for or stand up for what’s right and necessary. Oftentimes, it’s implied that it’s better for women to stay more laidback and quiet, that if they speak up for what’s truly necessary and needed, they’re being too loud. With this film, Margot Robbie takes a stand and declares that women can have a voice, too.

Through her own acting, filming, and producing, Margot Robbie has begun to make the entertainment industry a safe and comfortable space for women and men alike when it has so long been a jungle full of egoism and sexism.

“We are all just women, all facing the inequalities that being a woman brings with it. And, what I’ve come to understand is that, though we are unique and powerful as individuals, we are invincible when we come together.” — Margot Robbie

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