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It’s quaint, intimate, and lowkey. It’s located on the Delmar Loop in University City; Amigo Sole is a Mexican joint that serves authentic Mexican cuisine. As someone who lives for a night with friends or family sat around a basket of chips and salsa, any Mexican restaurant is a classic dinner outing choice. What sets Amigo Sole apart from the rest is the atmosphere. Where you can get food good for the sole.

The service is about as quick as my meal went down, which is an important part of any customer experience. You know you are getting a good meal when you have visibility of the kitchen and grill from the ordering counter. It makes the visit just that more authentic, watching your specialty tacos and burritos be handcrafted right in front of you.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill

For those who are unfamiliar with University City, it is a college-esque town home to Washington University. Although about a twenty minute shuffle from Maryville University’s campus to Amigo Sole, it’s cuisine worth driving for. Not just the restaurant, but The Loop itself is a strip of many storefronts, establishments, coffee shops and restaurants.

From the menu, I selected the Birria Quesadilla and my date, with a selection of the Bacon Wrap Burrito. We were seated with chips and salsa, and for just $1, you can add on an additional chip dipping sauce, to which we chose guacamole.

The guacamole was thinner than most, with an evidently bitey taste from one too many squeezed limes.

Despite there being about 3 other tables who were just seated, we got our food in under twenty minutes.

Skywalker Mann, a junior at Harris Stowe-State University, was my date to Amigo Sole.

Mann says that Amigo Sole is “overall a good restaurant with good quality Mexican food” After throwing down the Bacon Wrapped Burrito, Mann says it “did the trick.”

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill

Some people may think that all Mexican style restaurants are the same, but to me each has their own style and spice for their dishes. Especially anymore, Mexican-style restaurants serve mostly American-Mexican food, such as tacos made with the flour tortilla, meat, and shredded cheese.

At Amigo Sole, they serve that traditional street style taco that everyone should try at least once in their life. A street taco is made with corn tortillas, meat, and topped with cilantro and onion.

As someone who is very much a choosy eater, after trying a Mexican street style taco, American-Mexican tacos just aren’t as satisfactory to me.

I encourage you to try an true Mexican traditional style menu, and Amigo Sole at 6102 Delmar Blvd. is a great place to start.

You can find their hours as well as an extended menu on their website.

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