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Humans of Maryville: Caitlynd Winstead


What made you want to join MU Buddies? “Two summers ago (and I’m probably going to do it against next summer) I was a camp counselor at [Wonderland Camp] for twelve weeks. It’s in the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s a camp for anyone with cognitive or physical disabi... More »

Home for the Holidays: International Traditions


One of the best parts about going to Maryville University is learning about other students’ traditions and beliefs. It is especially interesting learning about how international students celebrate the holidays in their native country. Pawprint had the opportun... More »

Humans of Maryville: Cade Rich


What influenced you to change your name from Alex to Cade? “In life as we face many challenges, my biggest challenge in life occurred this summer. I spent 31 days in Fort Knox, KY in basic camp for the U.S. Army. During my time there I grew as a person, and fe... More »

Political Paws

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Are today’s college kids taught to think for themselves? Or are today’s college kids taught to follow the leader when it comes to politics? There appears to be a lack of desire to discuss politics on the college campus of Maryville. No one wants to talk. Why i... More »

Real Talk

 - This weeks episode of Stop the Stigma, Kara opens up about the struggles she is currently facing. This content is raw and emotional. Listener discretion is advised. FialkaMore Posts More »


Candles, Singing Bowls, & Dalgona Coffee Oh My….


By : Popoai Tanuvasa-Lole Since the COVID -19 quarantine hit the U.S. thousands of people have been forced to self-isolate and stay at home. Many of our routines and daily lives are anything but normal now. Coping mechanisms seem to be very limited when you ar... More »


How far can the Cardinals go in the 2020 Postseason?


The St. Louis Cardinals are back in the postseason. They finished just a few games behind the first-place Cubs, securing the No. 5 seed and a trip to San Diego for the inaugural Wild Card Series, where yesterday, they took Game one over the Padres by a final o... More »