Joel Lucas is a third-year English major who plays on the Men’s Lacrosse team at Maryville. This semester, Joel is joining his dear friend, Ben Foster, on the second season of Maryville’s favorite podcast “Maryville Meets Athletes”. They will share an inside look into the love, laughter, and betrayal of fellow athletes on campus.

Meet Kailya, she is a junior who is working towards a Bachelor’s in Communication with a Minor in Photography. This semester she will be getting to know all the Paw Print crew and promoting their projects on our Instagram and brand new TikTok! Follow us @maryville_pawprint on TikTok and @maryvillepawprint on Instagram.

Ethan Healzer is a 3rd year English Major also pursuing a Minor in History. His project wil be focused on comparing popular culture, such as movies and television, to their source material or media/historical inspiration. Ethan has a particular interest in the power of storytelling in both fictional and historical settings, examining how stories and their characters reflect how we perceive our life experiences.

Aisha is a fourth year student majoring in Marketing and working towards getting her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in emerging and digital media. She works in creating content for her social platforms as well as creating content for the Maryville social media platforms such as Instagram. Her Pawprint project theme revolves around best friends and sisterhood. Come watch her and her best friend talk about some interesting topics on their podcast “Only Friendz”. Grab your favorite food or snack and eat along!

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Lydia Rice is a 4th year Photography/Videography major with a minor in Graphic Design and Communications. Lydia has many books in the works to be published, intending to become a published author in the next few years. If you’ve had enough of the frustrating news on social media, her project will be just what you need for a bit of good news! Follow her to find good news stories in one spot every week as she gathers the best news stories she can!

Maddie Hill is a third-year Communications Major. Maddie is a member of the Women’s Soccer team, and this semester she will be continuing her article series “New to the Lou” which highlights must-visit restaurants and coffee shops around Maryville’s campus and the St. Louis area.

Viviana is a fifth-year psychology and marketing major at Maryville University. Viviana is the vibrant host of “You Viv, and You Learn,” on a mission to share valuable advice. With a passion for personal growth and life lessons, her podcast is a hub for her listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. You can catch her around campus hanging out with friends or at the gym when she’s not on the mic.

Kayla Niemeyer is a second-year Communications major at Maryville University. Outside of Maryville, Kayla is an EMT, enjoys going to country concerts and being outdoors. Tune in to “On Read” for the latest advice for the girls and stories from Kayla and her cousin, Tia.

Mackenzie Heine is a 4th-year Communications major with an emphasis in Emerging Media. She will be using her knowledge learned in class and she will be working on the Pawprint Social Media team to improve the overall engagement! If you like trendy and relevant info, especially regarding Maryville, you’ll definitely want to follow our Instagram @maryvillepawprint new Tiktok @maryville_pawprint

Katelyn Sutterer is a second year Direct Entry Physical Therapy major with a minor in Communications. Katelyn will be publishing a series of articles where she finds the best places in St. Louis to maintain fitness goals. She will share her experience, tips, and tricks to help people enjoy physical activity in their everyday lives.

Meet Eva Wilson, the Editor In Chief of the Pawprint! Eva is a third year Communications and Business Administration dual major who loves reading and writing. This semester, Eva will be recording a podcast called “People Who Should Have Been Famous” about innovators who history has forgotten.

Ben Foster is a fifth year marketing major at Maryville university. This semester he will be introducing maryville students to maryville athletes, in his new podcast series “Maryville Meets Athletes” alongside his best buddy Joel Lucas. Each episode they will ask the questions people have wanted to know about the athletes that represent the saints every day. In his free time Ben is an athlete himself on the lacrosse team, and enjoys spending time with Joel.

Liz Santimaw is a fourth year Business Administration major at Maryville University. She is an artist that specializes in acrylic paintings and focuses on incorporating art and business in her future career. This semester Liz will be publishing a series of articles called “Creative Women in Business” which highlights woman-owned businesses and creatives in the St. Louis area. 

Katelyn Ratliff is a second-year English & Communications major with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to spend her time watching new shows, reading, and listening to Taylor Swift. Join her this semester by reading her article series on empowering women involved in pop culture and the kind of influence they have on the world today.

Alexis Adams is a second-year Communications major. For her Pawprint project, Alexis plans to work with her sister to offer advice about campus life. Together, they talk about their unique experiences as college students. Learn more by tuning into their podcast titled, “Sista’s in School”.