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New to the Lou: Let’s Go Teleo

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Be careful, you might miss it! Teleo Coffee located on a side street in Kirkwood, Missouri, feels like home. Literally. This coffee shop appears as a home on the exterior- but lotus, coffee, pastries, and merchandise await the passerby’s inside!

They say each small subsection of St. Louis can truly feel like a whole new city, and Kirkwood is unlike any other array of suburbs I’ve been to in my experience living in St. Louis.

It’s a town that feels like its one from the movies. No worries or crime here, just wholesome dads keeping their yards spiff and span, and middle schoolers riding bikes around the block. When I pulled up to Teleo Coffee, I felt peace.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill

What originally brought my roommates and I to Kirkwood was a floral business, Rudy’s Flower Truck (@rudysflowertruck on Instagram). They make their appearance outside of Teleo Coffee every Saturday and Sunday. But, what better accompanies a fresh bouquet than a coffee?

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill

Teleo was hustling and bustling with a weekend rush, but we still made it through the line in a timely fashion. I chose to go with a lemon raspberry scone, which was delightful.

My roomie and homegirl Jordan Bodden tried the May Flowers lotus energy drink which was made up of lavender syrup, made in house, combined with purple lotus concentrate. Jordan says that “Teleo is definitely a perfect spot for homework with friends”.

Equipped with outdoor seating, heated and cooled might I add, indoor seating, upstairs seating, (if elevated surfaces are more your thing), and Wi-Fi, Teleo could make the perfect study date. Overall, Jordan says Teleo just “had really fun vibes”.

My other roomie and teammate, Lauren Dickhut, branched out and gave Teleo’s, “April Showers” lotus energy drink a whirl, which is a combination of white cranberry-peach juice, lemonade and coconut milk, blue curacao syrup and blue lotus concentrate.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Dickhut

Lauren says that she, “would love to go back for coffee, food, or the flower truck, since it’s there often!”

Teleo was like a breath of fresh air, kind of the way Lauren’s April Showers looks above! Another visit to Teleo is simply calling my name. Of course, you can’t try it all in one visit!

If you would like to explore Teleo Coffee’s menu or plan your next visit, you can view their website here.

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