Move in St. Lou: Golfing

Do you enjoy golfing on a long eighteen-hole course? No? I don’t either, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Golf Headquarters. Golf Headquarters, located in O’Fallon, MO, is known for their eighteen-hole course, nine-hole course, driving range, and mini golf course. They have anything and everything you need related to golf.

Pepe Hernandez Saracho, a Maryville University junior, visiting the course with me. He said, “The driving range is well maintained, and pricing was pretty cheap at around ten dollars for a medium bucket of around eighty balls.”

I agree entirely with Pepe. The building was nice, and so were the boxes we were driving from on the range. We didn’t rent one of the top-tracer boxes where you can play a virtual game of golf or just track your distance, but the regular boxes were just as well taken care of. The top-tracer boxes varied on price depending on how long you played. For an hour, a box costs thirty dollars. In comparsion, just thirty minutes was twenty-two dollars. The price range vastly differed from other driving ranges, such as Top Golf. Golf Headquarters is a much more affordable version of the same place.

One of my other friends, Osama Elkhalifia, a sophomore at Maryville University, often visits the mini golf course attached. He said, “It’s not the best mini golf course around, but it’s a nice place to go get away from campus. Few people visit, so you don’t have to wait on other groups often.”

After finishing up at the driving range, a few friends and I played mini golf on the course. All the holes were basic, without props or exciting twists. I wasn’t over-impressed with everything it had to offer. It was technically an eighteen-hole course, but construction is being done on a few holes. They also had a little pond of water flowing around the course. The pond was poorly taken care of and needed more water. On the plus side, since construction was underway, we were able to play for free.

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sutterer

Although I didn’t love the mini golf course, the driving range and the eighteen-hole course were kept up with and clean. They both exceeded my expectations. As I mentioned before, the price of everything was very low and well within a college student’s budget. I encourage everyone to visit Golf Headquarters, located fifteen minutes from campus. Even if you don’t want to play on the course, there are other options for you to enjoy as well.

Thanks for following me throughout the semester as I found unique exercise locations in St. Louis!

More information on Golf Headquarters is available in the link below.

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