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Maryville Wrestling Pancake Feed


The following video gives an insight on Maryville University’s Wrestling Program’s Annual Pancake Feed. The video shows what goes on throughout the pancake feed. Also, details on why Maryville Wrestling host the event are given to the audience throughout the v... More »

Meeting the Maryville Wrestling Coaches


The following video gives the Maryville University an insight idea of who the Maryville Wrestling coaches are. Specific questions are asked that allows the audience to get to know the individuals in a personal level. Maryville Wrestling coaches all have the sa... More »

Meeting The Maryville Wrestling Freshmen


The following video gives the audience an introduction to the freshmen of Maryville Wrestling. Throughout the video the individuals are asked specific question to provide the audience with more knowledge about each of the athletes. The video gives Maryville Un... More »

Maryville Wrestling’s Drill Practice


The following video gives an insight to the viewers of Maryville Wrestlers in action at practice. The video specifically walks the audience through what a “drill practice” at maryville looks like. By doing so, the students of Maryville University are able to g... More »