Move in St. Lou: Weightlifting

Bright windows, open space, and a quiet atmosphere are offered when visiting the Simon Center at Maryville University. It is a gym that provides a variety of weightlifting and cardio equipment. The Simon Center is home to two weightlifting gyms that are each unique to one another.

The Simon Center was built in 1980 in honor of John E. Simon. Since then, the building has been remodeled to keep up with the changing times. Here, you can find many machines for faculty and students to use at no cost.

Ethan Yano, a freshman at Maryville University has just started getting into working out. He wanted to find a location that worked for what he needed. Ethan now often visits the Simon Center in the evenings. Ethan says, “I enjoy going to the Simon Center because it is not super crowded and free to use. I also like how they have. a wide variety of equipment.”

Although the Simon Center may be smaller than other commercial gyms, it has a large amount of equipment. They keep their cardio equipment in the gym on the side of the building with all of the windows. They have treadmills, bikes, stair steppers, ellipticals, and free weights. The gym at the back of the building is designed for more heavy lifting. They have equipment such. as squat racks, benches, free weights, and bars for exercises such as bench pressing and rdls.

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sutterer

Austyn Jansen, a sophomore at Maryville University, also enjoys visiting the Simon Center in the mornings. Austyn mentioned the “friendly atmosphere” Maryville students provide when she sees them. Austyn said, “I enjoy seeing familiar faces when I walk in. It’s nice to feel a sense of routine.” Along with Austyn, I feel other students have the same opinion.

As a broke college student who likes to try unique equipment, the Simon Center is the perfect place to be. With it being located right on campus, it couldn’t be in a more ideal location. At the most, it takes a couple of minutes to walk from across campus. I encourage everyone to visit the Simon Center, located next to Mouton Hall and across from LJ’s.

Follow me this semester as I find unique exercise locations throughout St. Louis!

The Simon Center’s hours vary daily; more information can be found below.


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