Move in St. Lou: Running

Children laughing, birds chirping, and horses running about are things that you will find when visiting Longview Farm Park. It is located just three miles from campus.

While there, a multitude of events often occur such as yoga classes, weddings, and equestrian rides. There are even gardens surrounding part of the trail. Along with many activities to try, they also host the Turkey Trot, Holiday Boutique, and Art Wine and Music events as well. The versatility of Longview Farm Park is unmatched by any area around it.

Morgan Miller, a University of St. Louis sophomore, ran the trail with me. She said, “If I want to experience a short run, it is the perfect place.”

As Morgan mentioned, it is a short trail. It is just around a mile long. I was somewhat disappointed by the length of the trail. There are not many great places to run close to campus, and I was hoping for something with a little more distance. Since I often run close to four miles, I don’t enjoy just running in circles for forty minutes. An alternative would be running to Longview Farm Park from school and back, but I understand many people prefer to avoid running near heavy traffic.

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sutterer

Payton Stege, a freshman at Maryville University, visits the trail often. She said, “When I need time away from campus for a scenic walk, Longview is where I always go. It’s close enough to get back quickly but far enough away to where I feel like I get an escape.”

As Payton mentioned, it is a beautiful area. While on it, you will run around a small pond with a fountain in the middle. You will also see horses in the equestrian area, and children playing on the playground. It is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of St. Louis without traveling too far. Longview Farm Park gives everyone an experience unlike any trail they’ve been on before within St. Louis.

Although I didn’t love the length of the trail, it is a nice area considering how close it is to campus. I recommend it more as a walking path compared to running, but overall, it is a fun place to visit. I encourage people who want a short run or walk to visit Longview Farm Park, which is six minutes from Maryville University off of Clayton Road.

Follow me this semester as I find more unique exercise locations throughout St. Louis!

More information on Longview Farm Park is available in the link below.


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