New to the Lou: Ai, No Artificial Intelligence

I can’t believe I’ve never touched on my new found love and appreciation for a classic Japanese cuisine, SUSHI!

As a kid, I was never one to try new things. I’ll have chicken tenders, mac and cheese, or strawberries, please; It wasn’t until I turned around 18, or about my senior year of high school, that I finally started to branch out and try a few new things here and there.

I started off small. I tried lemonade for the first time at the county fair and man my life was changed forever. I remember that pivotal moment in my picky-eater career, when I began getting excited about trying new things.

Sushi is a new dish that I recently gave a try. I had always wanted to try it, but thought for sure that it wouldn’t be for me. I’m so glad I pushed myself to try it because now it’s one of my favorite dinners to grab!

Last night, my boy Skywalker Mann and I tried Sushi Ai, located in Clayton, Missouri. But don’t worry, that’s only one of five locations in the St. Louis area.

The recommendation came from a fellow PawPrint classmate, Liz Santimaw, a senior Business Administration student. Liz said “I love Sushi Ai”, and I trust her judgement so I knew it was worth a try.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill. This photo is from the Sushi Ai location at 471 Lafayette Center Drive in Manchester.

Walker got the all you can eat sushi deal that they offer, which was $23.99. They have over 40 rolls to choose from. He went with the Snow White roll, the Volcano roll, and the American Dream roll. On a little more mellow side, I went with the classic Crab roll and the Shrimp Tempura roll.

What sets Sushi Ai apart is that all of the sushi is prepared in house, with the chefs in view for the customers. This creates an experience for customers, and makes the restaurant feel authentic.

When you arrive, you are handed a paper menu and a pen, with a list of all the rolls and combinations they offer. Once you decide on the rolls you want to order, you write a checkmark or X next to it. Your server will come and take your paper menu, which they then give to the chefs.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Hill. Pictured from left to right: American Dream Roll, Snow White Roll, Volcano Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and Spicy Crab Roll.

Walker says “the all you can eat sushi is an absolute steal for the price”. He is sure right, when you choose a minimum of three rolls, you have essentially got the bang for your buck in the all you can eat. However, Sushi Ai does charge for any uneaten pieces of sushi, up to $1.00 per piece.

If this write-up can encourage you to do anything, it’s to branch out and explore new foods, no matter how scary or unappetizing they may seem! You know what they say, you never know until you try.

Here is Sushi Ai’s extended menu, and website to learn more.

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