Maryville students share spine-chilling tales

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It’s the Halloween season, and the spirit is all around us. It isn’t uncommon to be frightened around this time of year. Through haunted houses, movies or scary stories, being spooked is practically inevitable. Around campus, students shared their chilling tales to get into the Halloween spirit.

Haley Yarrington, sophomore, was driving down a gravel road in Hannibal, Missouri when her car came to a halt. She scrambled to restart the car when suddenly, she heard a piercing scream. Fear coursed through her body when she recalled what happened on this road years ago.

“A long time ago, there was a couple that always fought, and the husband had plans to murder her. But, one day they were driving and the woman yanked the wheel, causing the car to drive into a ditch, killing the both of them before he could kill her,” said Yarrington. “It’s said that when you drive to the end of the road and turn your car off, blink your headlights three times then turn the car back on, you see the ghost of their car driving towards you then veer off into the creek.”

Yarrington isn’t alone in hearing of such a hair-raising tale in her town. Allison Acklie, freshman, has had friends supposedly witness the account of an age-old story.

“If you go to the Dumist bridge near my town and turn off your car while leaving your headlights on, a lady pops up and shuts off your lights,” Acklie said. “The bridge is supposedly haunted because a girl was run over by a train that was above it.”

Gabe Wolff, freshman, also shared a bone-chilling story to share about his older brother seeing the presence of his deceased grandfather.

“My grandpa died when my dad was young, and my brother was just 5 years old. One day, they went to go visit his grave at the cemetery. My brother looked at the main building near the area and said ‘Papa Bob,’ which is weird because he was too young to understand the situation,” Wolff said. “My brother described my grandpa perfectly, which made no sense because he’s never seen him before. He said that he saw him in the window waving.”

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