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Eras of Her: The Real Behind Lady Gaga’s Obscurity

Remember the crazy meat dress that Lady Gaga showed up in at the VMAs back in 2010? Well, as it turns out, she wasn’t just being a little crazy by showing off that outfit; for her, there was a very important reason behind wearing this dress. By showing off the meat dress, shoes, clutch, and hat, she was protesting against America’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, wherein service people were forbidden from disclosing their sexuality. Although Lady Gaga has had some outlandish choices with her past outfits and performances, and actions overall, she’s always seemed to have a more significant reason and meaning behind them.

Lady Gaga is a brilliant businesswoman. By choosing to portray herself in funky outfits, giving one-of-a-kind performances, and making unique, one-of-a-kind songs, she is creating an individualistic image for herself that sets her apart from everyone else in the music and fashion industries, and she also uses these images to influence others. There seem to be meanings behind almost every silly or strange idea that she has.

Lady Gaga knew that she was meant to make history in the music industry. After releasing her album The Fame in 2008, she really struggled to get it to play on the radio, because they thought it was too much for what was popular at the time. But, of course, Gaga proved them wrong. “They would say, ‘This is too racy, too dance-oriented, too underground. It’s not marketable…’And I would say, ‘My name is Lady Gaga. I’ve been on the music scene for years, and I’m telling you, this is what’s next.'” (Grammy Awards).

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After releasing this album and getting it to play on the radio, she won her first Grammy only a year later for her song “Just Dance.” Only a decade later did she earn herself 13 more Grammys and 36 Grammy nominations. Gaga is an expert when it comes to knowing how business works in the music industry; you have to be innovative and and able to come up with fresh, new ideas. And she certainly knows how to do both.

Additionally, it is extremely important to Gaga to stand up for the rights and privileges of different groups of people, especially women, as she is a strong feminist. At her 2018 Elle Women in Hollywood event, Gaga gave an empowering speech to all women in order to bring extra awareness to the issue of sexual assault. “For me, this is what it means to be a woman in Hollywood. It means I have a platform. I have a chance to make a change. I pray we listen, believe, and pay closer attention to those around us in need. Be a helping hand. Be a force for change,” (Grammy Awards). 

Gaga also used her performance at the Chromatica Ball tour in 2022 to represent the rights of women soon after the case of Roe v. Wade by performing her song, “Edge of Glory.” “To every woman who now has to worry about her body if she gets pregnant, I pray this country will speak up, and we will not stop until it’s right” (Grammy Awards).

Lady Gaga uses many of her performances, costumes, and, overall, songs that she’s written to stand up for causes that she believes in. She’s not just any typical female performer because she won’t let herself be; she individualizes herself to make herself seen and heard. Lady Gaga is an exceptional performer, but also a major influencer and advocate for those that need to be heard and represented.

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