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Eras of Her: Taylor Swift Makes Her Own Change

Midnights singer, Taylor Allison Swift, is famous for her ten studio albums, fourteen Grammys won, and endless pursuit and mission to spread joy and love with her record-breaking talent. She has continued to influence and change millions of lives for over seventeen years now. What makes her so special that she has her own “Swifties” fanbase?

First discovered in 2005 by none other than Big Machine Records’ owner, Scooter Borchetta, Swift became one of the record label’s first signings, and was soon after seen releasing her debut album in 2006. Once being signed, it only took two years for Swift to be honored for being the youngest person to win BMI Songwriter of the Year Award in 2007. Although she was already getting largely noticed at this time, it was her song Shake It Off that really set her up for international success in 2014. With this song, Taylor went on a 6-month international tour to show off this single, while most artists would only go on a 6-week tour.

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While Taylor has certainly learned how to make it into the musical world, she has also had to learn how to stand up for herself, for others, and for her beliefs in the hypercritical and caviling world that is the music industry. With all of her innovations in the music industry, Taylor Swift has started to produce songs that reflect specific beliefs, challenges, and discriminations that she and others have had to face, specifically regarding LGBTQ+ rights, equal gender rights, and much more.

With her song, The Man, Taylor Swift focuses in on the topic of feminism and the issues of gender rights. Swift uses her song to talk about how, with women, there seem to be higher standards and a set expectation for them to be more polite, laidback, and quiet, while, with men, they are allowed to be more aggressive, assertive, and vocal. The Man takes the opportunity to point out that there are, in fact, double standards with harsher social expectations between different genders, and it is an anthem for all who have struggled with this.

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Another one of Taylor Swift’s songs focuses on the endangerment of younger generations with all of the school shootings that have been on the rise. Only The Young was written in 2020, shortly after the school shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida, to serve as an advocate for those who are tired of living in fear and in danger in a world that suffers from gun violence. By meeting with some of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting, Swift was able to get some of the students’ perspectives on what happened and how they cope today. In her song, Swift focuses on the vulnerability that these students, and many other young people, have to deal with today. Only The Young is a song that expresses hope, awareness and raises the challenge for everyone, especially the young, to use their own voices to declare their right to change the world.

Taylor Swift is more than just a pretty face and voice. She knows how to make music that influences and changes lives for the better and proves just that by continuing the work that she is so passionate about.

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” — Taylor Swift





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