Political Paws

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Are today’s college kids taught to think for themselves? Or are today’s college kids taught to follow the leader when it comes to politics? There appears to be a lack of desire to discuss politics on the college campus of Maryville. No one wants to talk. Why is that?  

 Maryville students were asked about the political problems facing the United States today over the past several weeks. It was shocking that very few students wanted to be on the camera. The Maryville students had two key issues. 1) No one wanted to offend anyone else or to be yelled at by the opposition. 2) Student were afraid that they were not going to be smart enough to answer the questions. This is so wrong. 

The interviews were meant to be fun and light hearted conversations. Tough questions were never part of the inquiry. The information that was being asked was simple.  Would the students be voting? Why had picked they picked whoever they picked? The most important question was an inquiry as to what the student desired to see in the next four years. Voting is that simple. What do you want? 

Many were interviewed but few allowed them to be recorded on camera. There were Republicans and Democrats, and some felt they were in the middle of both parties. The biggest surprise is that some college kids had no idea what they were talking about! This was the most bothersome. It is great to have an opinion but it can be extremely harmful when that opinion is based on misinformation. It was evident that the students were being informed through their social media accounts.  

Social media led the students who were against our current president Donald J Trump to hate him personally. The reasons were beyond politics. One student did not know the name Joe Biden as the opposing candidate. This student was vehemently voting against Trump. The student was asked where she acquired her hatred for Trump. She responded with, “Look at social media! See all the stuff he is posting. If you paid attention to his tweets you would hate him too.” The students that appreciated Trump had a vastly different source of information. These students liked the Pretendent because of his accomplishments as president.  

 Maryville students have a right to vote. They have a right to their opinions and desires for the next four years. They have a responsibility to keep themselves informed. They might want to look past social media for a broader view of the facts at hand. Being an informed voter will help our Maryville students have a bigger impact on our future.  

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