Interview with a Maryville Student from MOBAP

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At seventeen, it can be extremely difficult to figure out where you want your life to go. Choosing a college to attend can play a big role in this decision, and sometimes the first school isn’t a right fit. Today, I’m speaking with a Maryville sophomore about her experiences at Maryville so far this semester. It is her first year here, but she has lots of valuable insights.

Amelia: What made you switch from MOBAP? When you were looking at other schools, why did you choose Maryville?

Anonymous: I switched from Missouri Baptist because I decided to stop playing my sport and wanted a different atmosphere. I chose Maryville because it was in the same area as MOBAP and I had only heard good things about the school. It was close and I could afford it with financial aid, plus most of my credits were able to be transferred here. It was a pretty easy decision.

Amelia: Seems like Maryville was a good idea! What did you find easy or comforting in the process of transferring to Maryville? Were there any advisors or staff at Maryville who made the transition easier?

Anonymous:  I felt that it was very easy to transfer to Maryville mainly because the staff is very helpful throughout the whole process. If I had any questions, there was always someone who was able to help me. I really don’t see how transferring schools can avoid being a total headache, but I thought the staff at Maryville made it as easy as possible.

Amelia: That’s awesome that staff were able to help you! What did you find difficult/confusing about transferring to Maryville? Did you have any questions/frustrations that were left unanswered or that weren’t clear at the start?

Anonymous: The only thing that I found difficult was learning my way around campus because MOBAP is a much smaller school. Maryville isn’t a huge school, but it is definitely bigger than I’m used to. Even though I was able to get a tour or two of the campus, it took me a long time to finally get a hang of the layout. It took me more time than I would like to admit just to figure out where the library was.

Amelia: Honestly, me too. My coffee addiction squeals each time I have to walk through Starbucks, but I’m not mad. Did you enjoy orientation? What would you change about it, or keep the same?

Anonymous: I enjoyed orientation but I wish we had a little more time to meet others. There were icebreakers which helped, but not much. Everyone is always uncomfortable and awkward with ice breakers. Part of me wishes we had been broken up into groups by our major so I had to opportunity to get to know people I already had something in common with.

Amelia: What is your favorite thing about Maryville?

Anonymous: My favorite thing about Maryville is the relationships you can form with professors. The class sizes are small, which makes it much easier to be able to have conversations with the teachers. They know me like professors at a larger school wouldn’t be able to.

Amelia: What is something you like about Maryville that is different from MOBAP?

Anonymous: I like that Maryville has a more accepting atmosphere, especially when it comes to gender or race. I know Maryville is technically Catholic, but it is much more tolerant than MOBAP, which is obviously Baptist. The students there were pretty homophobic and racist, at least from my experiences compared to Maryville. I remember during one of my first classes at Maryville, a student mentioned to the class that they were gay, and I was stunned. No way would she have been able to say that at MOBAP. It shocked me that she felt so comfortable here to be able to say that, and that no one else even batted an eyelid.

Amelia: Do you have any advice for current/future Maryville transfer students?

Anonymous: The only advice I can offer so far is to pay attention at orientation and meet as many people at events. Being a transfer student makes it extremely difficult to meet new people when everyone except for Freshman have already found friends. Getting involved quickly and a lot makes it a little easier.

Amelia: Last question! If Maryville had a mascot that wasn’t the St. Brenard, what would it be?

Anonymous: The first animal that came to my head was a German Shepard. I’m not sure why, but the dog idea just fits with our school. Probably because there is so much outgoing energy on campus.

Switching schools can sometimes feel like switching cultures; new ideas, identities, and values spring up with each college campus. Everyone is unique! Staff and students at Maryville are available to help you with the transition, and offer a helping hand if you need one. To learn more about how to get involved at Maryville, talk to your Life Coach or visit https://maryville.campuslabs.com/engage/. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Maryville staff and Life Coaches for guidance. Thank you, Saints!

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