Interview with a STLCC Transfer Student

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Maryville University is a go-to school for many transfer students, resulting in a diverse student body. Transferring schools can be a big deal to some, and a passing thought to other. Today, I am speaking with a third year Maryville transfer student who wishes to remain anonymous about their experience. This is their first semester at Maryville, and an English major.

Amelia: What made you switch from STLCC? When you were looking at other schools, why did you choose Maryville?

Anonymous: I went to STLCC for my gen eds and because I was in the A+ Program in high school, so I got free tuition. I wanted to spend money on classes related to my field of study rather than general education classes. I was also very overwhelmed during the college process in high school and didn’t know what I wanted to major in, so community college helped me narrow down what I wanted to study.

Amelia: What are you most excited for now that you’re here?

Anonymous: I am so excited to be taking classes related to my field. Taking general education classes meant I would take math, science, English, all different subjects which I wanted to get away from. Now I can focus on classes I am excited and passionate about.

Amelia: What did you find easy or comforting in the process of transferring to Maryville? Were there any advisors or staff at Maryville who made the transition easier?

Anonymous: Almost every adult I went to with questions was very willing to help me, which made things easier. I can’t think of any staff off the top of my head specifically, though.

Amelia: What did you find difficult/confusing about transferring to Maryville? Did you have any questions/frustrations that were left unanswered or that weren’t clear at the start?

Anonymous: In the beginning me and my family were really confused on the specifics of things. Like, we knew when to pay tuition and how much to pay, but we didn’t know where to pay. We knew I needed to register for classes, but did I go online or set up an appointment? There were just little details that made the process confusing and unnecessarily stressful.

Amelia: Did you enjoy orientation? What would you change about it, or keep the same?

Anonymous: I thought orientation was okay. Again, it was really difficult when some of the little details weren’t gone over. Like, I didn’t know I was supposed to order my books from Red Shelf. It wasn’t until the first day of classes and my phone didn’t work that I was told I could get a physical school ID. It sounds like little housekeeping things, but it made things very confusing, and I wish it had been gone over. I also felt it was kind of juvenile. Sometimes Ice Breakers are helpful, but when you’re a transfer student you’ve been through that transition from high school so it feels really unnecessary.

Amelia: What is your favorite thing about Maryville?

Anonymous: I love my professors so far, they are all super engaged in what they’re teaching us and very excited to help me learn. They listen to my ideas and discuss them with me. It’s really awesome and makes me excited to come to class.

Amelia: What is something you like about Maryville that is different from St Louis Community College?

Anonymous: Honestly, I love the size of Maryville. STLCC was very small and kind of felt suffocating, a like a bigger campus size.

Amelia: Do you have any advice for current/future Maryville transfer students?

Anonymous: Get with your professors and talk to them, they have really awesome advice. Also find others in your major who you can bounce ideas off of and study with, it goes a long way.

Amelia: Awesome! Thank you for your insight!

Anonymous: Of course!

You are not alone in your experiences here at Maryville. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Maryville staff and Life Coaches for guidance. Thank you, Saints!

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