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Humans of Maryville: Adam Zobrist


What influenced you to study abroad specifically to London? “I decided to study abroad in London, because I thought that submerging myself in a new culture would be beneficial to my future plans. I thought that living in a new market would give me an advantage... More »

Closer by The Chainsmokers Feat. Maryville Parking


A number of perks appeal to having class later in the day, sleeping in being a driving factor. However, there is one major drawback, especially for commuters: Parking. Spots fill up fast at Maryville and if people don’t plan for it, it’s a race with the clock ... More »

Humans of Maryville: Cade Rich


What influenced you to change your name from Alex to Cade? “In life as we face many challenges, my biggest challenge in life occurred this summer. I spent 31 days in Fort Knox, KY in basic camp for the U.S. Army. During my time there I grew as a person, and fe... More »

Somebody Catch That Snitch; Maryville’s Quidditch team


 For those who don’t know, Quidditch is a sport featured in the author J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter series. Since 1997, When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was first published, many people dreamed of playing Quidditch. In 2005, this dream be... More »

Did You Miss the Madness?


Whether it be the smiling faces of students and faculty on TV screens in the hallways, to the motivational signs on campus, school spirit is easy to come by as a Saint. One of the staples for Maryville athletics is Moonlight Madness, an event similar to a pep ... More »

Rent-a-Skeleton: Maryville Hidden Gems and Perks of Sainthood


As Maryville students approach the month of October, most are starting to get into the swing of things. By the swing of things, I mean living in the library and taking three naps a day. That still counts, right? Whether you’re a transfer student, freshman or y... More »

Job Search Underway? These Places are Hiring…


College students are busy people, trying to balance school and a social life. Often, there’s another caveat thrown in that further complicates things: money. Whether you’re paying for school on your own or just need to buy food and pay for activities, most col... More »

Saints by Day, Dawgs by Night: Fall Festival Week at a Glance


Maryville’s Fall Festival is being held from Oct. 3 to Oct. 7, 2016. The theme this year is Saints by Day and Dawgs by Night. Mr. Maryville will kick off the week, as it is the first opportunity for teams to compete for spirit points. The events are as follows... More »

Humans of Maryville: Lucas Winkelmann


Why did you get started with photography? I took a class in high school called media. We learned about photography then and it interested me a lot. I never pursued it though, until I met Henry and Jake Wynd my freshman year at Maryville. We wanted to explore t... More »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Maryville Survivor's Story


As breast cancer impacts people around the world, it also happens to those around us at Maryville. Breast cancer is a part of our mothers, cousins, professors, janitors and classmates, and in October, it is breast cancer awareness month. In 2013, Geri Dreiling... More »