Maryville Student Government in Action

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MSG logo. Photo Courtesy of @MaryvilleSG twitter

Maryville Student Government is dedicated to representing the voices of the student body of Maryville. The members of the organization engage with students to understand their opinions and then advocate for the better of the whole community. They represent the Maryville community and work to make sure that all students and faculty and staff members are living their best Maryville life.

Recently, the Maryville Student Government had an election for its organization leader. This happened March 5th and went from 9a.m. to 11:59 p.m..

Three candidates were represented but Yasmine Gholami ultimately won the election and is now the new President of Student Government at Maryville.

The organization is composed of two committees per year. The committees are based on the yearly initiatives formed by the Maryville Student Government President and the needs that they believe need to be overseen. This year, the two committees are sustainability and the Maryville food pantry.

The sustainability committee works to ensure that the community is operating in an environmentally friendly way. The food pantry committee works to ensure that Maryville’s food pantry is operating in a successful way in order to provide food for those experiencing food insecurity on Maryville’s campus.

Currently, the food pantry committee is working on growth strategies. They are hoping to move the food pantry to a new location that is more conducive to their efforts of truly helping those in need in our own community. They are also hosting a clothing drive during the week of April 12th. The committee is working to expand the pantry to also include clothing and hygiene products for students who are unable to afford them.

“I love being a part of MSG because I can genuinely make a difference on campus. I like to hear the voice of the students and turn their voices into reality,” said Tariq Harris, Senator of Maryville Student Government. He feels, “It’s important to listen to the students because we want to optimize our educational experience and make Maryville into a place where everyone is comfortable and feels safe.”

Additionally, Town Hall was hosted by Maryville Student Government March 20th where President Dr. Mark Lombardi shared a brief overview of his plans for the campus in the near future.

To submit a concern regarding Maryville’s campus, visit their website.

To keep up with Maryville Student Government and their upcoming events, follow them on twitter.

Want to see a change on campus? Let MSG know. Photo Courtesy of Maryville Student Government Facebook Page.

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