Saints Savor: Mug Pizza

The microwave meal adventure continues this week with a microwaveable “cheese pizza in a mug”. Who would have thought that a pizza could be quickly made from scratch and cooked in a mug, let alone in a microwave? Here is the recipe for you to check out for yourself!

I am not sure if what I made could be considered a pizza, but it was not a bad dish in the end. I was skeptical when I made homemade pizza dough in under one minute. Putting dough into the microwave did not seem like a very logical idea, but I continued to follow the recipe. Another odd step was the idea of putting the sauce and cheese over the uncooked dough. It was tough to figure out how it was going to work. However, this step can be altered with different ingredients to fit your own preferences. 

Basic ingredients for this recipe. Photo Courtesy of Allison Bellandi

Renee Rhyne, a second-year student at Maryville stated, “I would make a recipe like this because I personally do not like a lot of sauce on my pizza and this recipe makes it more customizable to my own preferences.” This recipe is very easy to alter and customize to your own likings. 

Another nice thing about this recipe is that it can also be changed to fit dietary needs. Victoria Curran, a fourth-year student at Maryville looked at the recipe and said, “being gluten-free, it makes it hard to find things I can both eat and enjoy. I think this recipe would be good because I can modify it to my dietary needs.” 

Prepared dough. Photo Courtesy of Allison Bellandi

Rhyne and Curran both commented on how the pizza fits their personal wants and needs, which makes this useful for students to make in their dorm microwave. 

I changed one thing when I was making my “pizza in a mug.”I am not a huge fan of pepperoni pizza and I prefer plain cheese pizza, so I personalized it for myself. Regarding the italian herbs, I sprinkled on some oregano, but it is up to you for which herbs you would like to use for your own pizza. 

Besides the fact that the recipe seemed a little odd in its ways of putting this mug pizza together, the result was surprising. The pizza actually looked edible and delicious! Once I assembled all of the ingredients into my mug, I popped it into the microwave for one minute and twenty seconds. The dough was cooked through and the cheese bubbled on top. The cook time and preparation time were sufficient and accurate. 

The mug pizza before the microwave. Photo Courtesy of Allison Bellandi.

After your mug pizza is done cooking, you may want to go back and add additional cheese if it got too absorbed into the crust while cooking. Another thing that could help the cooking process is using a wide, shallow mug, compared to a tall and skinny mug because the dough is going to rise in the microwave. When I made mine, the ratio of dough to toppings was off. If you use a wide, shallow mug, the pizza dough will give more of a surface for the sauce and cheese on top. 

All in all, this mug pizza recipe is a perfect snack during your afternoon homework or to solve a midnight craving. With little preparation and supplies, this recipe allows students to make a personal pizza any way they like. 

The final product. Photo Courtesy of Allison Bellandi

The pizza turned out a lot better than my previous recipe, “french toast in a mug.” My search for microwave meals is growing with better results. Some recipes will be a flop, however, some recipes will be a nice touch to the menu of a college student’s dorm room.

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