Saints Savor: Mug French Toast

As an avid foodie and college student constantly looking for simple food hacks, I want to share some of my fast and successful microwave meals that work. You’ll want to try these seamless recipes in your dorm because it will not only save time, but you can have fun while doing it. The first recipe that I decided to tackle was french toast in a mug, and I followed this recipe from Pretty Prudent!

The Mug French Toast:

This recipe was for quick french toast in a mug, or should I call it a 2-in-1 omelet and bread? I thought this french toast looked easy to make and fairly appetizing as well, making it my top choice for this week’s recipe. I mean, who doesn’t love a quick and tasty meal on your way to class or during a long study break?

When I asked fellow students what they thought about this, Emma Mcguire, a second-year student at Maryville told me, “I do not usually have time to make breakfast, such as french toast, in the morning, but this recipe would make that possible.” Although putting it together was quick and easy like the recipe said, I’d be lying if I said it went as planned. So, let’s break down how it goes:

The ingredients lined up. Photo courtesy of Alli Bellandi.

If you are going to attempt this recipe in your dorm, I would recommend that you mix the egg and bread pieces in a separate bowl to make sure the bread is thoroughly coated, and then transfer it back to the mug for cooking. When I tried to do this, the egg mixture did not get soaked into all the bread pieces and instead settled at the bottom to make a little omelet. 

Egg mixture in a bowl. Photo courtesy of Alli Bellandi.
Adding bread to the mug. Photo courtesy of Alli Bellandi.

When evaluating whether your french toast is complete, shake the mug a little bit to ensure that there is no egg that sloshes around. If there is still a suspicious amount of runny egg, place your mug back in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until the egg is cooked through. 

Voila! Photo courtesy of Alli Bellandi.

Once the french toast was done, I added some syrup for additional flare. If you want to make the mug french toast a little more exciting, you could also add french fruit or whipped cream!

Adding the finishing touches! Photo courtesy of Alli Bellandi.

Other than the unfortunate amount of egg at the bottom of the mug, I think this recipe could be a great start to one’s morning in a dorm room! It only requires a microwave and a couple of mixing containers, meaning fewer dishes to clean and more time to sleep.

The ingredient list is short and includes items that most people would have in their dorm fridge other than maybe an egg. Kelsey Christman, another second-year student, said, “I would try this recipe with the modifications due to the fact that french toast is not something offered every morning in the dining hall.” It’s also important to note that recipe prep time showed 5 minutes with a cook time of 2 minutes. However, this recipe took around 10 minutes total, as prep time was longer and cook time was extended to ensure the egg was cooked through. 

If I were to incorporate the suggestions I made from my experience with this recipe I would definitely try it again, as I have high hopes this would turn out better the second time even though it did not taste as good as expected. 

Overall, I give this mug french toast a solid 5 out of 10. I followed the recipe exactly and the result was unexpected. My search for adequate microwave meals will continue in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out! Not every recipe is going to work, especially on the first try.

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