Mental Health Mindfulness During Finals Week

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 Welcome Saint’s students and staff. Hope finals and wrapping up the spring semester is going well for you.

Mindfulness is something you should practice all the time, but it can be incredibly helpful in times of stress, such as finals week. I know finals week is something we all dread. Mindfulness is something that we often forget to do. This is so important to orchestrate into our lives because staying in the present can eliminate your fears and anxiety for what is on your plate and for what’s to come.

“Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself. The Storm will Pass.”

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One way to practice mindfulness meditation is to close your eyes and pick a part of your body to focus on and ground yourself. This will be your constant returning point if you find yourself distracted or your mind is wondering off. You can find a guided mediation online whether it be a healthy psychologist or even a video on YouTube. It enhances empathy, self-compassion, and happiness, decreases the desire for binge drinking, and boosts creativity and confidence. I asked students at Maryville what they thought of mindfulness. Jessica said “I have found that when I have practiced mindfulness meditation with guided listening that my body becomes relaxed. After I have completed the guide mediation, I open my eye to find that I am more levelheaded and aware of my surroundings. “

The benefits from mindfulness include better sleep, reduces anxiety, lowers your stress levels, decreases loneliness in seniors, and banishes temporary negative feelings. The practice of mindfulness meditation is a nonjudgmental, purposeful awareness of the present moment. It can help you improve your memory, learning, attention, and self-awareness by strengthening the memory, learning, and attention parts of your brain. The technique can also aid in the relaxation of your sympathetic nervous system. Mindfulness meditation can improve cognition, memory, and attention over time. I met with a student Bradley and wanted to hear his thoughts on the matter. He said” understanding why you’re upset and finding the true reasons for those emotions is a key to success in life and mindfulness can help you achieve that. “

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Do what you need to do to bring contentment, clarity, and peace into your life. Inhale. Exhale.

Whether you have or haven’t tried this practice it’s something to at least investigate and find out if it could help you in anyway. I have found that for me, I am more engaged in school, I have greater levels of self-control, stronger emotional awareness, and an overall better attitude. Mindfulness is something that helps my breathing, calms my nerves, helps me focus more and overall gives me balance. I hope you were able to takeaway some helpful tips for yourself.

Take care.

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