Be Kind to Others

            Welcome back Saints students and staff. Hope you are all having a good semester so far.  

Refuse to let the world forget who you are. Look out for others and be kind to them for no reason.

Credit: Sonder

I think we all go through our days where we are so focused on what we have to do later or that weekend. I think we often forget that the people around us are going through things as well. I want you to stop and think about how you can be more kind and be more aware of others around you. Even just giving someone a compliment can make their day. It could change the way they felt about themselves. We don’t know the battles others face and I think if we cared to pay attention more we could help even in the tiniest of ways.

I believe Maryville should host a Mental Health Awareness event. Give people information on how to deal with the issues they are facing and let them know they have resources. Sometimes it just feels good to know you’re not alone and you have someone that cares.

I went up to random Maryville Students and asked them a few questions about mental health and what they thought about MU hosting an event or mental health in general at school. Stephanie said “I would like to see the school put several different resources students could use to get assistance with their mental health. Sometimes it is difficult to find where to get help so that could be helpful to the people afraid to reach out.”

Listening to others is so important. People start to heal the moment they feel heard. Credit: UK Music

The second person I randomly asked was named Austin. He said “I would like them to give us tips on how to juggle school, work, life, while still having mental issues. So, I guess just things to help us cope.” I agree with him because we need to be able to know we have the opportunity to get better without feeling like that’s another task.

At the end of the day we have to care of ourselves but listening and being there for others can change people’s lives. Don’t judge others, for you don’t know the path they have walked just to get where they are today. Be conscious of how you treat the people around you and pay attention to the people near you, for you never know how you can impact their life.

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