Game Nights- Let’s get Villainous

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Last time on Game nights we discussed the charming game of Adventure Mart, Today I must ask a question. Do you use antlers in all your decorating? is one of your mottos
“Be Prepared”? Do you have friends on the other side? Are you the greatest criminal mind? Then perhaps you want to try Disney’s wonderful free for all “Villainous”. This game has been the only game night my cohosts and I have played at least six times since we did our first test game.

Let’s first start with the boxes and pieces. Each piece is a lovingly crafted design where you can tell almost at a glance which Disney Villain each piece represents. Each box also uses well done shadows and silhouettes to show the main villain that represents each expansion.

Now how to play is interesting, you take the role of a popular Disney Villain from across the multiple movies, and when I say multiple, I mean MULTIPLE! From the renaissance villains of Jafar, Ursula and Scar to the classic princess villains of Maleficent or the wicked stepmother of Cinderella to even Unknowns such as Prince John, Rattigan and the Horned King. Each villain plays differently and has a different end goal, where you need to send henchmen, use items or spells, and slowly get your grand plans in place. However, Villainy is a competition, and your fellow villains are wanting to sabotage you by spinning the webs of fate in their favor.

Each board is separate from the other players, but people can use cards in your own deck against you by setting up traps, causing set backs, or even sending goody two shoe heroes to get in your way. This is another game where friendships are tested, alliances formed, broken, mended, then broken all over again in a backstabbing contest for the ages.

The main appeal to this game is just how different each villain plays, adding different pieces to their own boards, having certain rules changed from the base rules, or how their cards interact with your unique end goal. The example I used is Cruella De Ville, who needs to find and capture 99 puppies with her henchmen. she gets her own unique pieces showing puppies you can find and capture with the help of your two bumbling lackeys. It turns into a mad dash across the board, trying to find ways to catch the dogs, without your rivals finding ways to ruin your plans to get a new coat.

Barry, my first Co-host had this to say about the game. “Easily the most unique and Engaging game I’ve personally ever played. Would definitely recommend, and my nostalgia was through the roof the WHOLE game!” Barry cared for the games complexity as well as the art, gushing about all the tiny references each card held.

Kevin echoed this by saying “The games requires strategy, the ability to bluff, and keep yourself from looking threatening in order to not grab attention from other players who could sabotage your victory, all wrapped up in the memorable and nostalgic love of Disney Characters.”

And that’s the thing, this game is a love letter to fans of Disney. We spent all night when playing discussing our favorite films, moments, sang badly to the movie songs. It was a game of coming together, while also being utter monsters. We only played using Disney, but there are also ones based on the Marvel or Star Wars, but that really did not seem like a thing we wanted to look at. The rules were too different and added too many ways to lose it seems.

Would I recommend Villainous? Of course I would, it’s a fun romp through your childhood. It’s a time capsule for films you likely grew with. This has been Game Nights, and remember. Drink Water, Call your friend, and keep strong, we’re nearly halfway done the semester!

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