Game Nights- Lookback and reflect

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Last article we discussed the classic party card games and how game nights are more than games it is experience. This week we sort of did a token gesture for a game and decided to reminisce about the games we chose to play. It was a lot of fun to play these games, to discuss items of interest, and find out just what we all felt about each other.

This weeks game was “Exploding Kittens” A card game that was over in about 15 to 20 minutes. A fast paced, blink and you’ll miss it situation where every card could be the card that kills you.

The rules are simple, there are cards in the deck that will make you “Explode” or just lose the game. You draw it, you lose. You have ways to see what cards are on the top of the deck, cards to let you not draw, and cards to steal cards from friends. Try not to lose. That is everything. There aren’t even any real advance rules, you can maybe homebrew something but that’s really about it.

We played two rounds but ended in only about an hour so we spent the rest of the time reflecting about just what made this experience so good. To me it was the feeling of just being able to play with friends with no questions asked. Choose the game, set it up and play it. Each one we chose was a fun, simple experience that nobody seemed upset at. It cemented our friendships and I think that says a lot about these experiences. If you have game nights with close friends, you are going to have those people at your back. Game nights, especially if they are going for long times, means your friends, family, whoever, will be mates for life.

I pressed Barry for a quote about the experience and he told me “Tabletop Simulator really is an amazing way to experience fun board games with your friends even if you can’t meet up with them. The sheer love the community has put into this is astounding, from modded in classics like villainous, to some downright obscure games like Adventuremart, to some insane games like Exploding Kittens. I loved this experience.”

I also asked him about his favorite game out of the collection and he told me that “it was honestly Villainous because of how each character had a vastly different play style” and I have to agree. It was what cemented this as a fun experience for all involved, and was the only game we played multiple days during meet ups.

This experience was a good showing and just fun to talk about, learn and enjoy some good company. We’re now closing up soon, the semester is over, and times will be moving on. I do hope you guys enjoyed reading my experience as much as we did playing it and remember. Drink some water, call your parents to say you love them, write that paper you have to do, and just be good people.

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