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Last time on Game Nights we got villainous and nostalgic for classic Disney, This week we are going to the other end of the game night spectrum to the kinds of games you play with your four or five 20 years and older friends. I decided to do two game this week because they felt too similar to separate them into different parts. This week we decided to play a round of “Cards Against Humanity”, the classic litmus test for friendships and “Million Dollars But…” the card game where you get to see just what your friends will do for cash.

Cards against Humanity needs no introduction, the classic fill in the blanks with horrible answers game. A game of madlibs that goes way too far. We all had our fun but we also trusted each other, we knew our limits of stupidity. The game is simple, you need to fill in the blanks for a card the current judge draws, using cards in your hand. Funniest one wins, repeat until either a certain point threshold is made, or until you need to just stop.

The card design is simple, clean and evocative. the expansions come in this clean, pitch black box, and the game is pick up and play.

We then get to million dollars but… A similar card game where you propose insane hypotheticals such as “you get a million dollars, but every time you sneeze, confetti flies out your nose” and then you need to argue for which one is either better, or worse depending on the ruleset you use. We did which one would be better and you would take.

This game has a lot less to carry and take out in terms of items, just two decks and a scoring system but I honestly prefer Cards Against Humanity. This game was Barry’s recommendation but it was not one I saw much interest in. If arguing over insane questions is up your alley, then by all means go for it.

The quotes I got from my two co players helped cement our ideas on why these game types work. From Barry “It’s games like these that really prove how dirty you and your friends minds can be. And I kinda love them for that.” while Kevin said “Both games slowly devolved into insanity with more stupid answers and discussions and I loved every second of it.”

Both quotes made me realize just what makes these kinds of games good for evenings. Not the games themselves but what you do with your friends, the discussions, the laughs, the feeling of utter shock and slight terror when you see who played that one card, or how that person argued their insane case. Game nights are not just for the games, they are for the people you play them with.

We’re nearing the end of the semester, Thanksgiving is coming in hot, and we are all tired but remember to keep strong, drink plenty of water, call your parents, they probably miss you, and maybe wonder just what you would do for a million dollars? Next article is the final game I will be showing off.

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