Finals Week: Study Tips

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As finals are just around the corner, studying for them can be stressful. You often study for hours and hours and still have no idea what you just studied. Here are some helpful tips to help you get through the toughest exams.

  • Take notes using different colored pens

Taking notes using different colored pens stimulates the brain and helps you remember information. Try highlighting the topic, then underlining anything that is important or that is going to be on the exam.

  • Review your notes as if you are teaching the class

This may seem silly and very elementary, but it works. Reviewing the notes and study guide acting like you’re teaching a class is proven to help. Acting like you’re teaching a class on the topic helps the brain retain the information by tricking it into thinking that you know everything about the topic.

  “I study the best by teaching myself the material and then meeting up with someone who is in the same class and teach them the study material,” Kate Solomon, sophomore, said.

  • Treat Yo Self

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That’s right, Treat Yo’ Self. Last-minute cram sessions only help the information go in one ear and out the other. Studying for 20-30 minutes at a time and then taking a 10-minute rest helps the information sink in and your brain register what you just studied. Just remember to skim over material studied before a break before moving on to the next topic.

  • Study in different locations

Studying in a different location other than your bed helps stimulate the brain and keep you active. Also, studying in another location other than your room or the couch keeps the brain awake. Thus, making it easier to retain information and remembering it for the test.

“I like studying in different locations because I stay focused longer than I do when I’m studying in my room,” George Baker, junior, said. 

  • Organize your notes/mark things that are unclear

Organizing your notes to include everything that will be on the test helps the brain process things a lot quicker and easier. Underlining or marking something you don’t understand makes it easier for you to know what you need to spend more time studying. It also tells you what you need help with so you can ask the professor or a tutor.

  • Classical music

Few people listen to classical/instrumental music unless it’s in a movie scene or elevator. Listening to classical/instrumental music helps you focus better on the material needed to be studied. While listening to lyrical music your brain is focusing on the lyrics and singing instead of the study material. Avoid losing focus by listening to music that does not have lyrics.


Good Luck Saints! Study hard and make the best of finals. Make sure to share you study tips with us @MvillePawPrint.

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