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Meeting The Maryville Wrestling Freshmen


The following video gives the audience an introduction to the freshmen of Maryville Wrestling. Throughout the video the individuals are asked specific question to provide the audience with more knowledge about each of the athletes. The video gives Maryville Un... More »

Maryville Wrestling’s Drill Practice


The following video gives an insight to the viewers of Maryville Wrestlers in action at practice. The video specifically walks the audience through what a “drill practice” at maryville looks like. By doing so, the students of Maryville University are able to g... More »


Gym Motivation Through Music


All GIFs courtesy of giphy.com Physical activity: a major key to staying healthy outside of proper diet and getting your eight hours of sleep. Sure, it might be difficult to get motivated to go lift heavy things, to run around campus or go meet your sports tea... More »