Pocket Points: Save Money By Going to Class

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Pocket Points is a new app that gives Maryville University students rewards for not using their phones during class. Simply open the app when you get to class, then lock your phone and leave it alone for the rest of the class. A notification will pop up immediately after locking it saying you’re gaining points so you can be sure. Points can then be used at local and online businesses for discounts, coupons or gifts. It’s available in the App Store and on Google play.

The stores include online stores such as Jet.com, Fayettechill Clothing, Office Depot, OfficeMax, The Elephant Pants, Sunglass Warehouse and Pure Vida Bracelets. Some of the local places to get discounts at local restaurants like Noodles & Company, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Wendy’s, Crushed Red, Law Cafe and Pickleman’s. Even get discounts for tickets to see your favorite sports teams, excluding the Blues and Cardinals, which sadly aren’t on there yet. Into fitness? You can get discounts on supplements and workout clothes.

Earning points is quick and easy, but you have to be in Reid, Walker, ABAC, Kernaghan or the library. To all the on-campus residents, sadly you can’t use it while sitting in your dorm room. Believe me, we tried. 

In a regular 75-minute class, about 5 points can be earned. Every Tuesday is “2x Tuesday” where you gain double the points for the same amount of time spent away from your phone. Recommend a friend to join the app and you both earn 10 points. Bonus hack: If you don’t use your iPad during class you can always download the app on your iPad.

Carson Fonner, freshman, said “I love the fact that I have a motivation to not touch my phone during class. It’s convenient, too, because you can still click the home button and it’ll show you the time and if you have any notifications so you don’t feel like you’re too out of touch.”

The downside: you can only redeem pocket points at participating restaurants, and some of those are not the closest option to Maryville. Pocket Points started out as an app for large universities and has just recently started coming to smaller ones like Maryville. For example, the closest Papa John’s that participates with Pocket Points is 24 minutes away. However, there is a place on the app where you can request to add a restaurant near you. Hopefully, closer options will become eligible soon. Maybe we can all agree to request Taco Bell 100 times?  Tweet us and let us know what you’re requesting!

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