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How to Save a Life at the Blood Drive


Help save a life at the Mercy blood drive and bone marrow registry on  campus.  The blood drive and bone marrow registry event, sponsored by Maryville’s Health Educators Promoting Responsible Options, or HEROS, and Mercy Hospital, is being held Oct. 4 and 5 fr... More »

Don't do Curls on the Squat Rack


In the past few years, Maryville University has seen significant growth on campus. This growth includes two additional workout areas, the new fitness addition to Simon and in Saints Hall. Both of these centers feature cardio and exercise machines, pull-up bars... More »

Humans Of Maryville: Erik Shaefer


Why are you majoring in mathematics? “I chose mathematics, because I’m kind of a nerd and because math has job security. Financial math, actuarial science, isn’t that big, so the pay could be great as well,  depending where I want to end up.” Why did you choos... More »

Humans Of Maryville: Brett Harris


Why are you majoring in business administration? “I’m majoring in business administration, because I think it will be very helpful, and it’s a well-rounded degree. Being in business, I felt like it’s a broad degree, and you can do just about anything you want ... More »