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Humans of Maryville: Kevin Doherty


How important was your last collegiate season and did you end your career on a good note? “Every season has been really important for me, but the importance of this season was apparent because I knew it was my last season at Maryville, and it was the last chan... More »

Humans of Maryville: Madeline Lillis


“I don’t view the world the same as I did when I was younger. I think my views have definitely changed. The older I get, the more I learn and the more my views of the world evolve.” More Posts More »

Physics Professor Chambers Wins Award for Class Technology


Maryville Arts and Science professor Candace Chambers has been recently presented with an award for incorporating technology into teaching in different ways. Chambers received this honor at the Focus on Technology and Teaching conference in St. Louis. She is a... More »

Humans of Maryville: Anna Hawkins


“I definitely wouldn’t say that it was difficult coming to the same college as my brother. If anything, it was one of the best decisions I [have] ever made. I loved having him around to help me through my first year here, especially my first semester. He reall... More »

Olympians Among Us


George Ivanov Georgi Ivanov is known as George around campus, but to his fans he is known as BUL Nightmare. He was born in Bulgaria, but moved to the states as a child. Ivanov was predestined to wrestle as his father was a part of the Bulgarian National Wrestl... More »

What 4 Years' Worth of Tuition Can Buy…


Maryville University’s tuition for a full-time undergraduate student is $25,558. After 4 years of college, you have paid a whopping $102,232. There’s a lot that can be done with $100,000. Below is an infographic that shows what someone can do with the money th... More »

Roommate Horror Stories


When living with someone other than your parents or siblings, there are bound to be some issues that arise and weird things that occur. Some people just so happen to end up with more quirky roommates than others. Some Maryville students, past and present, have... More »

A Midsemester's Night Dream; Maryville's Shakespeare Celebration


On Nov. 29, Maryville celebrated the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. With a brief introduction by Dr. Germaine Murray, students and staff collaborated to perform monologues, poems and music all written and/or inspired by the great bard himsel... More »

What Was I Thinking? Tips for Staying Focused in Class


Ever walk into class and let the lectures simply flow in one ear and out the other? It doesn’t take much to let the mind wander during difficult, especially at 8 a.m. The professor always seems to begin with the lights off during a PowerPoint presentation and ... More »

Dorm Decorating 101: Holiday Edition


Decorating for the holiday season can be difficult while living in a dorm and having limited income from being a college student. With finals approaching, decorating for the holidays becomes even more impossible. Learn how to make quick and easy holiday decora... More »

Humans of Maryville: Mahdi Salat


What influenced you to leave Qatar and study abroad specifically to Maryville University in St. Louis? “Leaving home and going abroad for four years is never easy. I had to think hard about making the decision of going away. Since my two older siblings studied... More »

I Got Rid of Facebook for a Week and Here's What Happened…


I have an addiction to my cell phone, I’ll admit it. At least once a day, someone will tell me a story and I completely ignore them to watch Kylie Jenner play with her puppies or read-up on the latest beauty trend I’m too lazy to try. So with that in mind, I g... More »