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Olympians Among Us


George Ivanov Georgi Ivanov is known as George around campus, but to his fans he is known as BUL Nightmare. He was born in Bulgaria, but moved to the states as a child. Ivanov was predestined to wrestle as his father was a part of the Bulgarian National Wrestl... More »

Fight for Your Rights: Women's March 2017


Individuals of all backgrounds came to march. “There were white middle aged men in business suits that I never would have thought would be at a women’s march,” Nicole Pruett, senior, said. She felt it was powerful to see such a diverse crowd united for one cau... More »

Can OneFee Find My Books? Where You Might Have Lost Them


  We have made it to the end, finals are here and the semester is over. That calls for many additional items on your to-do list, including “get that D up to an A” and “find my textbooks I haven’t been using.” With all the additional stress from exams, the... More »

Touchdown: 3 Affordable and Easy Super Bowl Snacks


Along with tensions of the game and anticipated laughter from the commercials, one of the most exciting parts of the Super Bowl is the food. Tasty food unites people together, regardless of what team you support. “One of my favorite things about the Super Bowl... More »

Home for the Holidays: International Traditions


One of the best parts about going to Maryville University is learning about other students’ traditions and beliefs. It is especially interesting learning about how international students celebrate the holidays in their native country. Pawprint had the opportun... More »

Humans of Maryville: Katy Haas


What made you want to pursue a career in physical therapy and what are your your goals? “After going through two years of physical therapy after my ACL surgeries, it opened my eyes to what all the profession entailed. I liked how it incorporated teaching, help... More »

Maryville's Most Loved Restaurants


Everyone has had a scenario where them and their group of friends keep disagreeing on where they should eat or which restaurant is the best. Now there is no need for those useless arguments. In order to find the most popular restaurant, Maryville University’s ... More »

The Gift Guru: Finding the Perfect Presents


Its that time of year again when people are trying to figure out what gift to get their significant other. This might be one of the largest challenges some people face the entire year. It is important that the gift will be remembered and mean something special... More »

Freshmen vs Seniors As Told By GIFs


Parties (Pretending Maryville has them) Freshmen:           Coming to college, you think that you’re not going to change or do anything that you didn’t do in high-school. Seniors:           Well look what happened… First Day of Class Freshmen:                 ... More »

Finals Playlist: Music Perfect for Studying


Music to know: Finals The stress of finals can be a lot for students, and many find peace in music. Some prefer calming sounds with no lyrics, others relax to the sound of dubstep. Whatever your preference, here is a playlist of songs we think you should know ... More »

How to Get the Guy: Tips for Attracting the One


Now that some of the eligible bachelors of Maryville have been identified, it’s time to attract his attention. Men are interested in many things, but here are a few factors that play a part in attracting a crush’s attention.  Intelligence:  “So…my highlight is... More »