Where’s the Parking?

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Parking on campus is often a complaint among students. When Maryville hosts events, empty parking spots can be harder to find due to the increase of people on campus.

However, parking on campus is free for Maryville students while other universities may charge a fee. Then again, Maryville has a smaller campus than other universities as well.

A vehicle parked on the grass next to McNally House. Photo Courtesy of Marcus Harris.

Jair Kollasch, Head of Public Safety at Maryville, says the busiest hours for parking is a two-hour timeframe. “We have more visitors, more students that arrive on campus, and some of the challenging times are usually about 10:45 to about 12:45. That two-hour window is the most challenging. Some would say 11 to 1, but that what we experience as the most challenging time.”

Kollasch then explained that there’s a parking area students can use that might be overlooked. “A lot of people think of Potter parking in front, but we lease over 100 spaces behind Potter from Energizer. There is some signage that goes up against the back wall that says ‘no university students beyond this point,’ but everything in front of there is all great area to check.”

According to the Fall 2018 Parking Information email Kollasch sent out to students before the semester began, there are 175 spaces behind Potter. These spaces are on the top level of the parking structure. The spaces beyond the signage and the lower levels are off limits to Maryville students.

Jelani Regan, a commuter student, is aware of the parking behind Potter. When asked about a possible solution for the lack of parking, he references that area. “They should let us use more of the parking garage behind Potter.” Students when asked about possible solutions for more parking typically respond with the idea of a parking garage. Unfortunately, even if a parking garage is built, it would be completed overnight. Regan’s idea about students being able to use more the parking behind Potter certainly would be more immediate.

Kollasch also gave a suggestion on how parking strain could be lessened. “I think we are looking at all aspects currently. One area I know the president’s office and some of our other VPs have looked at is what about scheduling. If you stop here on a Friday you’ll see that there are a lot more spaces available then on a Tuesday or Thursday.”

Kollasch goes on to say that if classes are spread out throughout the week more this could aid with parking congesting. This fix wouldn’t be possible until next semester of course, but it is a method to possibly fix the problem. Until then, Kollasch recommends students contact Public Safety for assistance when they are having difficulties with parking and they will try to help.

A parking violation on a vehicle that is parked on the side of the road rather than in a parking spot. Photo Courtesy of Marcus Harris.

(A parking violation on a vehicle that is parked on the side of the road rather than in a parking spot. The violation was written up at 1:41 p.m. and is near parking lot 7.)

In the early weeks of each semester, Public Safety focuses on assisting students with finding parking spots. However, now that it’s October, parking violations can result in a parking violation warning or ticket from Public Safety. Parking on the grass is a violation. A vehicle taking up two spots is also a violation. Blocking driving lanes might also result in a ticket. That includes parking on the side of road if that spot isn’t designated as a parking spot.

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