Good Friday, do you know the origin?

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The start of spring season means Easter Sunday is approaching, but there is a holiday that isn’t so recognized that should also be acknowledged, Good Friday. Even though the holiday isn’t talked about as much, the history is just as relevant.

Maryville campus, photo courtesy of Maryville University (Instagram)

Unlike Christmas and Easter, which have so many special traditions, Good Friday has become to be known of its religious implication, not led to a surface of specific customs and practices. 

Easter eggs have long been a symbol of life and rebirth. Painting and dying eggs pre-dates the Christian religion.

Good Friday is celebrated the Friday before Easter Sunday, many different people spend the day by fasting and attending church services. Celebrated since 100 AD as a day of fasting, Good Friday gained importance as a important day in the latter years of the fourth century.

People who celebrate Good Friday & Easter will spend an average of $151 per person for clothing, candy, decorations and more according to CNN. And those who are not celebrating will still spend an average of $19 for Easter related things.

“Good Friday and Easter are always good holidays for me because I get to spend those days with my family”. Mitchel Goldman says, a Maryville student.

Activities people do on this holiday includes, visiting family and friends, cooking holiday meals, going to church, and Easter egg hunts. According to the National Confectioners Association, two-thirds of American parents will create an Easter basket for their children, and 90% of Americans will distribute chocolate and other candy.

For more information about Good Friday —>https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/world/good-friday-traditions-around-the-world-trnd/index.html

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