The hit list: 10 years ago & now

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Think back to what the world was like ten years ago. Denim mini skirts with cropped leggings, hardcore editing of all of your photos, posting a Facebook status every time a thought entered your brain; It all seems cringe-worthy when you look back at it, right? In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s important to step back and evaluate what the heck everyone was doing in the past. Take a look at these top five trends of 2007 for some nostalgia.

Top 5 Movies of 2007 and Now:

“I definitely miss low rise boot cut jeans, mirror selfies, pigtails and velour track suits. I wish those would all come back in style,” said Emma Pinson, freshman. “It’s weird to think that back then we thought some of the most weird trends were normal. Now what’s popular is completely different in today’s world.”

Top 5 Trending Youtube Videos of 2007 and Now:

“I’d probably say that I miss having little to no homework, being able to chug soda and not have any consequences and having my first house,” said Chrispy Knight, freshman.

Top 5 TV Shows of 2007 and Now:

“I really miss sitcoms and punk rock. They’re still around today but it was more relevant and popular back then,” said Cierra Frields, freshman. “I especially loved Friends and Sugar, We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy. I still watch Friends and listen to that song to this day.”

After reviewing a snapshot of what the hottest trends were ten years ago, what is it that you miss or wish would come back? Check out Buzzfeed’s article on the trends from 10 years ago to see what else was trending.


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