Drumroll, Please: MU’s Favorite Restaurant is…

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We all know that Gander can get a bit repetitive, so where do students go to eat together off campus?

An initial survey was spread around social media and email. In just three days, over 247 students weighed in with their opinions. After the various outliers were taken out of the data, 203 votes gave the data used in the graph to the left. With this data, it is clear that El Maguey and Fuzzy’s were in close competition for the title of Maryville’s favorite restaurant.

Another survey was conducted. This time, it was face-to-face as a competition between the two Mexican restaurants, El Maguey and Fuzzy’s.

In the head-to-head competition, El Maguey beat Fuzzy’s. Over 150 students voted in the second round of competition and nearly 75 percent of student said that El Maguey was their favorite.

What students are saying about el maguey

“Our waiter Tim is always prepared when the Maryville people come in. It is a great environment to have a good time on the weekend. Also, because everyone goes there at the same time, so you get to hang out with a variety of Maryville people.”

-Emily Hawkins, junior

“I grew up going to El Mags so I love going there. It’s fairly cheap, the food is good and you can’t forget about the margaritas.”

-Nathan Vorel, senior

“I love eating at El Mags, because it’s close to campus and cheap. I love the atmosphere. The workers are fun and it’s a place all my friends can go to hang out. Also, you can’t beat their queso!”

-Leah Dents, sophomore

Response from the el maguey staff

“I am so excited. We are all family here and we try to treat everyone the same. We are always happy to see the Maryville students fill up the restaurant on Thursday nights. I am so happy and thankful,” said Timoteo Garcia Bazan, owner of El Maguey restaurant.

The owner was presented with the plaque pictured to the right. He also added that he welcomes all members of the Maryville community with open arms and invites them to join them in celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the restaurant. They will have live music and the entire day will be a vibrant celebration.

If you haven’t tried Maryville’s favorite restaurant by now, it’s time to stop over and greet the Garcia family.


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