The Last Week of School As Told by GIFs

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All GIFs courtesy of Giphy.com

The end of the semester is fast approaching, but there is much to do before then. Massive amounts of hours in the library, extra cups of coffee from Kaldi’s and wishing you were any place else are all a part of the process. However, summer is right around the corner, and finals are the one thing separating you from the shackles of responsibility and the sweet taste of freedom. How will you handle the last few weeks of school? Maybe through this story of the struggles you face represented by GIFs:

  1. When you realize how much homework and studying you have before the semester is over:

  1. When all of the study rooms in the library are taken:

  1. After spending all night in the library:

  1. When you are told the library is about to close:

  1. When you put the foot down with your procrastinating study group:

  1. The look of professors when they think about all of the studying their students have to do:

  1. When one of your study friends tries to explain something to you:

  1. When you finish all of your studying the night before finals week begins:

  1. When you’re joking around with your classmates before the test begins:

  1. After your professor passes out all of the tests:

  1. When you look at the first question and all your knowledge disappears:

  1. What you think after you finish your first final:

But in actuality…

  1. Seniors looking back on their time in college:

  1. When you finish your last test:

  1. When you realize that summer is finally here:

  1. After graduation, you’re asked by your family what you are doing for a job:

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