Sister, Sister: Siblings at Maryville

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Think back to coming to Maryville and being filled with nerves. Those memories seem like so long ago, but in the moment the fear of not knowing anyone was draining. For some students, their transition to Maryville was made easier knowing they had a lifelong friend attending school here as well. Each pair of siblings interviewed have unique perspectives about what it is like to go to college with their sibling.


It’s a Twin Thing

Many people label their best friend as their “day one,” but for twins Sierra and Savannah Buch, seniors, that saying couldn’t be more true. For these two, moving into college was made easier by having each other. “It was awesome having someone I knew so well and felt safe with,” Sierra said. They both ended up living on the same floor in Mouton their freshman year, but in separate rooms to try to meet new people.

Did you expect to be in college with your twin?

“At first, I was against going to school together, because we had done everything together since birth. Maryville had both of the programs we wanted to major in, so we both accepted it. I was secretly really happy to have her there with me on the new journey of college life,” Sierra said.

What is one of your favorite memories at Maryville with your sibling?

“Someone came up to me in the library asking me how a class went (thinking I was Sierra), and I didn’t want to be rude, interrupt or embarrass them so I just went with it and told them it went well,” Savannah said.

Inseparable Sisters

Rachel Merlo, senior, said she expected for her freshman sister, Samantha Merlo, “to go to a bigger party school, but now everyone already likes her more than me.” The sisters have a lot in common besides their last name, including that both play club soccer together, workout together, study together and even share some of the same friends.

How often do you really see each other?

“Maybe like three to four times a week when we played club soccer. Now we see each other a couple times a week,” Rachel said.

Did you expect to go to school with your sister?

“I didn’t expect to be in college with Rachel, because I didn’t want to be copying her. But [it] turns out [Maryville] had the major I wanted and the school fit me just as well as it did her,” Samantha said.


Family Ties

Heather Wernle, senior, had been trying to recruit her brother, Michael Wernle, to come to Maryville, but “he was dead set on going to school in Florida,” Heather said. After finding out Florida was not the place for him, Michael decided to come to Maryville.

What is your favorite thing about having your sibling on campus?

“Definitely the meal card” and “having his room for napping,” Heather said.

“I like being around my family. Being away in Florida for that year, I wasn’t really homesick, but it’s nice to see family all the time. It’s comforting,” Michael said.


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