Maryville's Most Loved Restaurants

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Everyone has had a scenario where them and their group of friends keep disagreeing on where they should eat or which restaurant is the best. Now there is no need for those useless arguments. In order to find the most popular restaurant, Maryville University’s students were surveyed about their favorite pizza, sandwich, burger, breakfast, and barbeque restaurant.


 Favorite Delivery: Jimmy Johns

When it’s late at night and food is all the mind is thinking about, there is nothing better than getting a meal delivered right to your doorstep. Based on the survey, the most popular restaurant that delivers is Jimmy John’s, a sandwich shop.

Runner up: Papa John’s Pizza

Honorable mentions: Dewey’s Pizza, Global Quesadilla and Dominos



Favorite Burger Joint

The most popular burger restaurant around St Louis, as chosen by Maryville students, was Circle 7 Ranch. Circle 7 Ranch is a sports bar and grill located off Clayton Road in the New Ballwin Grove Shopping Plaza. Circle 7 Ranch offers a variety of burgers including the option to build your own. For students who are 21 and over, Circle 7 Ranch offers personal Table Taps where guests can pour their own ice-cold draft beers. There’s nothing better than that.

“Every time I go to Circle 7, I stuff myself full of food. Nothing is better than the burgers with guacamole on them. It is a great place to hang out with friends and get a few drinks while chowing down on a burger,” Erik Schafer, sophomore, said.

Runner up:  Five Guys

Honorable mentions: Red Robin, Top Shots, Square One and Stacked STL


Favorite Breakfast Restaurant: Uncle Bill’s

Imagine waking up Sunday morning after a late night out and you can not get the thought of fluffy pancakes or an omelette out of your head. So what restaurant can fulfill this desire? There is no better place than Uncle Bills to get a stack of pancakes with a side of hashbrowns. Uncle Bill’s, located on Manchester Road, is open 24 hours and has all you can eat pancakes after 11 p.m. 

“I love going to Uncle Bill’s when it’s all you can eat pancakes. I usually go for a late night snack. It’s a great place to be social and eat delicious food,” Trevor Jost, senior and pancake enthusiast, said.

Runner up: First Watch

Honorable Mentions: The shack, IHOP, Original Pancake House, Waffle House and First Watch


Favorite Barbecue: Sugarfire Smokehouse

Everyone enjoys hot, fresh barbecued food, and the best barbecue, as voted by Maryville students, is Sugarfire Smokehouse. Sugarfire offers sausage, brisket, ribs, turkey, smoked salmon and anything else imaginable. Even better, everything is made fresh on that day, they open at 11 a.m and close when they run out of food to serve, so get there early. The closest Sugarfire is 15 minutes away in Valley Park off of Meramec Station Road.

Runner Up: Shaved Duck

Honorable Mentions: Dalie’s Smokehouse, Bandanas, PM BBQ and Pappy’s Smokehouse


Favorite Pizza restaurant: Imo’s

Runner up: Domino’s

Honorable Mentions: Dewey’s Pizza, Stefanina’s, Papa John’s and Cecil Whittaker’s


Favorite Sandwich Restaurant: Jimmy John’s

Runner up: Jersey Mike’s

Honorable Mentions: Subway, Potbelly’s, Which Which and P’sghetti’s


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