How Universities Can Improve

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Field where most athletes play at Maryville, photo courtesy of Darnell Canady.

Every university has the potential to improve, but is there a pattern? Education experts create surveys and research on student life at universities everyday to find out.

Some of the reasons that universities are having so many retentions are due to financial difficulties, course availability, absence of counseling help and deprivation of student engagement.

April Sitch, an athlete at Maryville, photo courtesy of Darnell Canady

Reaching out to counselors and applying for scholarships, can solve some of those problems but for how long? Students are referring to the summary of recent American College Health Association reports, saying that modern universities’ lecture style “is not favorable to student’s mental health.”

All over the world, university faculties are working to create more innovative classroom lessons by trying new educational tech and helping to better effective lecture practices.

Researchers are often creating new resources and tools for the benefit of college students. At local university faculties with different researchers, teachers may get to experiment with new math curriculums that highlight social justice, creating iPhone apps and experimenting with video games to enhance user content areas of education.

Education at universities isn’t the only problem that occurs everyday. Athletes in college are having to stress not only about school, but their extra-curricular activities as well. Students are troubled by other sports at universities, whom they have to share fields with. 

“The practice space gap is hard to deal with, and it’s hard to get teams on the baseball field.” April Sitch, a Maryville student says.

Students can use their voice to work towards these problems. The National Student Survey gives the students, a voice allowing them to provide their colleges and universities with feedback on specific courses and teaching environments.

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