How You Can Combat Spring Allergies

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Photo of Maryville campus during Spring. Photo Courtesy of Maryville University.

The spring season and allergies often come hand-in-hand. While the temperature rises, so can the pollen and mold count, resulting in unpleasant allergies with it.

Once you start suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, stuffy nose and coughing, find out which allergy medicine is best for you, and take them before your allergy symptoms start. Taking medicine before the peak allergy season can help reduce symptoms dramatically.

For Maryville student, Kamira Franklin, taking allergy medicine well before the season approaches is preventative measure she is sure to take.

“I take my medicine year-round, so that way I don’t experience the symptoms so heavily,” said Franklin.

Some allergy stimulants such as pollen, mold and ragweed tend to be most prevalent in the spring and summer season, so taking medicine year-round can make sure that the effects allergies are lessened all of the time.

For more information on allergies, follow this link.

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