What 4 Years' Worth of Tuition Can Buy…

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Maryville University’s tuition for a full-time undergraduate student is $25,558. After 4 years of college, you have paid a whopping $102,232. There’s a lot that can be done with $100,000. Below is an infographic that shows what someone can do with the money that pays Maryville’s tuition.


What would you do with a $100,000?

“I would travel.” -Rachel Thomas

“Buy as many acres as possible in deer country and hunt.” -Andrew Beckerman

“Put half in my bank and invest the other in stocks and bonds.” -Landon Paul

“I’d use some of the funds to go on a nice trip post-graduation and put the rest in savings.” -Alexis Arnold

“Seeing as how my parents have paid for most of my tuition, they would get a large bulk of that money. However, with the amount I would receive, I would spend the money on a new car and then I would probably save the rest for a rainy day.” -Katy Haas

“I would travel the world for a year to places like china, japan, india, the Congo, Australia, South America any place you can imagine for.” -Erik Schäfer

“I would buy a really nice car like a Porsche or a Corvette.” -Andrew Russel

“I would purchase land and build a soccer field so I can play with my friends, teammates and host soccer tournaments.” -Bill Stimic


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