Saints style: second edition

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Saints Style is the weekly roundup of styl­ish Maryville stu­dents walk­ing around cam­pus, hang­ing out in stu­dent cen­tered-spaces and wait­ing for classes in aca­d­e­mic halls. If a Maryville stu­dent is dressed uniquely well, in busi­ness ca­sual or in a trendy style, this is where one will find them.

Who: Tatum Sharp, Junior Exercise Science Major

What: Turnstile t-shirt, ripped blue jeans

When: Golden Louies

Why: Socks can play an important role in an outfit, please take notes from Tatum.

Who: Bryant Webster, Junior Exercise Science Major

What: Golden Louie crown, multi-striped tie, brown dress shoes

When: Golden Louies

Why: GL King was ready for the red carpet. Polished dress shoes are a must.

Who: Paige Dmuchovsky, Junior Cyber Security Major

What: Black sunglasses, Bee Kind t-shirt, Vans Classic Slip-On

When: Golden Louies

Why: Not too many people can pull off the dress pants & Vans combo, so if one is planning on trying this out, contact Paige for advice.

Who: Bailey Crouch, Junior Graphic Design Major

What: Exclusive St. Augustine t-shirt, mustard joggers

When: Golden Louies

Why: Yes, casual and stylish is very achievable and possible. But only Bailey’s flair can make this outfit look this amazing.

Who: Julissa Castillo, Junior Physical Therapy Major

What: Sequin dress

When: Golden Louies

Why: Most influential student winner Julissa was dressed for the occasion with the sequin dress.

Who: First Khunchan, Freshman Psychology Major

What: Beige cardigan, black oxford shoes

When: Golden Louies

Why: Best dressed Maryville student, First Khunchan. His outfit speaks for his award.

Who: ELijah Green, Senior Psychology Major

What: Purple plaid shirt, brown oxford shoes

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: Senior Elijah is flexing in his plaid shirt with the bomber jacket to complete his business casual fit.

Who: Muna Abdella Hazak, Junior Psychology Major

What: Red blouse, ankle-tied pains

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: Nails to match the top? It is the small things that bring an outfit together.

Who: Jason Posley, Freshman Physical Therapy Major

What: Mesh Polo shirt, black dress pant

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: The Ralph Lauren Polo shirt is a staple item for any closet. In addition, kudos to Jason for tucking the shirt into the pant. Very mature look.

Who: Christina Isaiah, Senior Graphic Design Major

What: Beige blouse, black dress shoes

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: This outfit requires a certain amount of class and elegance which Christina exudes in this photo.

Who: Charles Smith III, MBA Student / Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement 

What: Hashtag pattern dress shirt

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: Unique pattern designs on dress shirts will always be appealing to the eye.

Who: Kenneth Lam, MBA Student / Assistant Director for Maryville Esports 

What: Two piece suit, salmon t-shirt

When: Student Life Recognition Banquet

Why: Wearing a T-shirt under a suit is always an option for most, but for Kenneth, it’s another day of setting the fashion tone at Maryville.

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