Roommate Horror Stories

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When living with someone other than your parents or siblings, there are bound to be some issues that arise and weird things that occur. Some people just so happen to end up with more quirky roommates than others. Some Maryville students, past and present, have been no exception when it comes to experiencing the good, the bad and the crazy roommates.

In the Dorm Rollin’ up that Broccoli

“My old roommate used to sell drugs. I was sitting on my bed, minding my own business, when my roommate and some ‘friends’ stopped by. Next thing I know she’s pulling a two foot long, one foot wide bin full of drugs out to sell” -sophomore

George of the Jungle…Juice

“There was one time my 3 roommates went to a party and one got so drunk I found him collapsed on the floor in his own… jungle juice, shall we say…” – 2014 graduate

Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me..

“So one roommate was dating this guy from her hometown. They would Skype, right? So one night I walked into my room and all the lights were on. She would always leave the lights on and freaking fall asleep, [which was] annoying as hell. I noticed her laptop was open and the screen was facing the rest of the room, including my bed. I noticed that her boyfriend was in Skype still and he was just staring at me. He like waved at me and just kept staring, so I went over and closed the laptop.” -senior

Fiddler on the Roofies14962241_10211712799921033_1854186433_n

“First semester freshman year, my roommate and I roomed random but ended up being best friends. About halfway through the semester, she came up with this *great* idea that we should roofie each other to ‘see what it’s like.’ I swear, any time we’d just be hanging out in the room, she’d randomly be like, ‘C’mon, let’s just roofie each other and lock ourselves in the room. Then we can see how we react but we’ll be safe!’ I am shocked I got through that semester without being roofied by her.” – junior


Peanut Butter Pandemonium

“Once my roommate knew I was allergic to peanuts but cooked with peanut butter and made pounds of muddy buddies (also known as puppy chow) and didn’t tell me. I didn’t know about it, so I came home and had to leave because my throat could close up.” -senior

Roommate Goes AWOL

“I was out with my boyfriend and got a text from a random number asking if someone was moving out of my room. I texted my roommate and found out she was moving out. No warning, just kinda left.” – senior

Captain Underpants, Mary Jane, and the case of a Mistaken Bed

“Our first night in our dorm during orientation, I came back to our room to see her in nothing but my favorite pair of underwear.”

“I found a Marijuana plant on my dresser halfway through the semester. She thought it would be funny to see how long it took me to see that it wasn’t a normal dorm plant.”

“I came back late from the library one night to find her and a guy in MY bed. I made her wash the sheets.” -2015 graduate

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