Physics Professor Chambers Wins Award for Class Technology

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Maryville Arts and Science professor Candace Chambers has been recently presented with an award for incorporating technology into teaching in different ways. Chambers received this honor at the Focus on Technology and Teaching conference in St. Louis. She is a physics professor at Maryville and uses the Maryville iPads in all of her lectures, labs and homework assignments to create an interactive classroom experience.

Photo Courtesy Michele Cotton.

Candace compared using iPads in the classroom to her learning to use a calculator while learning physics in college.  The assignments using the iPads have been popular among students Chambers explained and students really put a lot of time and effort into creating really nice content.

“Using technology does not make learning better, but students can learn material faster and easier,” Chambers said.

Chambers uses numerous different apps and software to always feel available to her students. She creates video lectures reviewing questions from the homework assignments and book work to send to her students. She calls them “office hours on demand”. This method allows for students to always engage in discussions and class lecture notes even under circumstances where they must miss class for a day.

Candace shown with her in office using the green screen. Photo courtesy Michele Cotton.

One of the newer apps that she uses is called Green Screen. This app is allows you to use a green screen to add a custom background to videos recorded on an iPad. To use this app, she installed a green screen in her office and can use it to put problems in the background of the videos made available to students.

Her notes, presentations and teaching style make physics look engaging and exciting. Chambers puts a lot of thought and effort behind what is posted and presented to students. 

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