Opinion: iLike the iPads

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Technology advancements have been a hallmark of our generation. Some experts such as Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the world economic forum, claim that we are seeing our own form of an industrial revolution with technology. The world around us is evolving into one that incorporates these advances more and more every day. Maryville University is no different. This year is the first year that Maryville has integrated iPads into the classroom through its Digital World Initiative. There are multiple benefits of using iPads as opposed to other devices.

One of the most obvious benefits of the iPads is portability. These devices also allow students to be mobile while working. For example, as an RA, carrying a laptop everywhere with me during check-in would be cumbersome and frustrating. However, having something that I can use that offers the portability and ease of use while on the move is something that I appreciate.

Maryville Students can use the iPads anywhere, even the Saints Hall meeting room.

Another great benefit to using iPads is how quickly you can access what you need. It takes about a minute for me to open up my computer and get it running, whereas the iPad only takes a few seconds. The apps on the iPads also negate the need to open a web browser and log in to Canvas or my email. This time saving benefit can come in handy, especially if I’m up against a deadline and need all the time I can get.

Video projects are now easier to create because now everyone has their own camera with video capabilities. Addi Lagemann, physical therapy student, said of, “We’ve been using it (the iPad) and we’ll go and do a fake patient interaction with other students.” Lagemann said the iPads make critiquing themselves during these exercises possible. “We use it (the video) to watch our body mechanics and to make sure we are having good patient communication, which is really nice.” These types of projects couldn’t exist if the students were instructed to complete these tasks with only a laptop.

Addi Lagemann uses her iPad for classes, meetings and school projects.

The iPads also offer other benefits that other devices simply cannot accomplish. Lagemann stated, “I can use Notability to draw right on a document and if I was using a laptop, I couldn’t really draw on it.” Many laptops do not allow their users to use these types of applications and are only available through the iPad.

Finally, if you compare the battery life on an iPad to that of a laptop, the iPad’s battery seems to last longer. This allows me to have the freedom to get the work I need done without fretting about how many minutes I have left of my battery life and where the nearest wall outlet is. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of benefits that Maryville students now enjoy thanks to their iPads.



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