Middle School Students Write about Their Coding Camp

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The following articles were written by middle schoolers during the C3 Coding Camp at Maryville. 

Coding Preparing Us For The Future                               

By: Ta’Kiya Miles

We will need coding in the future. The Fast Company website says “seven million job openings in 2015 were in occupations that require coding skills, and programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.” Students that are in school now should be learning about coding so, they can have outstanding careers when they grow up.

Instead of working at places like Burger King or Chick-Fil-A, students can be future coders. Young Einsteins can be social media specialist because we all know kids love social media. In addition, students can also be a technical writer. You can make about $20,000 more if you work as a social media specialist than a general manager at Burger King. All children dream of big houses and nice cars when they grow up. Schools should take the extra step to help these kids dreams come true. Most schools already have computers so they might as well take the time to teach coding.

I feel coding classes should start in middle school and should go on into high school for students who want to do it. At least if you do it in middle school you’ll have some type of background coding. Then if you take coding classes in high school you should be a master by graduation.  If we start coding now, our futures will be brighter by our experience in coding.Taking coding now could open you up to an “easy A” in college. You’ll have the knowledge and will pass your class if you start now.

On Thursday, July 20th, 2017 during the C3 Coding Camp, I interviewed two of my fellow campers. My first interview was with Kayla Joel Williams. I asked Ms.Williams what she liked about coding and she replied it makes her concentrate and its preparing her for her future. The next question I asked was if she was going to be a coder and what she would need to do. Kayla replied and said she would go to college and get a bachelor’s. My third question was what is coding to her. “Kayla replied it’s another word for a computer genius way of fun.” My next question was do you see coding in your future. Her reply was no because she wants to be a journalist. My last question for Kayla was did she like coding. Her last and final answer was “coding is alright but could be better.”

My next interviewee was Shanise Roberts. I asked her the same questions and these were her answers in the same order. To the first question her response was that “it was a challenge but I likes challenges.” Shanise said to be a coder she would need to “study, think hard, prepare herself, have the right mindset, stay focused, and go to college.” Ms.Roberts says “ coding is the future because slowly everything is progressing in technology.”  Shanise says she guesses that coding will be in her future because of  the occupation she will have when she olders. Shanise likes coding because it inspires her to learn more.

In conclusion, we will need coding in the future so we should prepare now.

A step ahead into coding?

By: Kyla Williams

In the year of 2017 as more and more technology is being developed there’s something called coding, which is the language of computers.

I think we should teach coding in middle schools all around the world cause soon most jobs will require you to know most of the basics of coding, and why not learn in schools when you can.

By the year of 2030 if you don’t have the concept of coding you could be considered illiterate. If you really think kids could benefit from it , for example the website https://scratch.mit.edu  teaches kids and even adults how to make your own games and projects.

Imagine a world without coding… We wouldn’t have our computers, our tvs, or even our smartphones. Wouldn’t you think if they taught spanish in schools as it is a language shouldn’t they teach coding? After all it is technically a language. Computer coding may look like a foreign language but it is a language anybody can pick up.

The computer coding  programing annual wage was $79,530 in the year of 2015. The best paid 10% in the field was approximately $130,800 and in the bottom 10% made approximately $44,450 . Can you even dream about what you would do with that type of money?

How is it that 9/10 of parents want their child to study computer coding, but only 4/10 schools actually teach that material. Isn’t that just strange ?I really think that schools should enforce that in middle schools and teach it to all.

Bree a participant from the C3 Coding Camp answered the question +What do you like about coding and said  “ It could make you think about

new things that you probably never ever thought of and it really makes you think about what you can do and achieve.”

What do you think about think about the situation …? should we really take this huge step ahead into coding.


How to be Prepared for Coding in the Future

By: Janiah Harris

It’s hard to get the word out there about coding I mean don’t get me wrong, people probably haven’t heard about it. So, that’s why i’m here today to explain coding and how everything works.

First, look around, look at the game you’re playing on your phone or the app that you’re on all of that is coding people make Instagram, Facebook,and games like Color Switch! Next,coding is a fantastic way to make games. For example,like in coding we are creating games and the app is called scratch you can make your own games,animations,and even play on other peoples game.Did you know that you can get into a college and do coding there?, or you can get a job as well?.

Next, if you were to go get a job for coding you would get payed alot of money, you would get payed 5,920.00 a week that’s a lot of money especially for coding.   

In addition, I interviewed Jolaya and i asked her a question, and the question was what do you like about coding? and she replied “ I like coding because you get to control the character’s and you get to pick your own character’s’’.

Lastly, after reading this article you might be thinking mhmm… maybe I should try coding or maybe i’m not interested, but the point is just think about coding because believe it or not it’s going to be in our future.                                                        

Behind the Numbers

By. Sheri Wade 



Have you ever wondered what the numbers meant in the opening scene of the movie The Matrix? All the 1’s and zero’s, going back and forth, creating a sequence of numbers and patterns! I know you have asked yourself what possibly could that be or even how can anyone even read that! Well, just like the code you enter into your cell phone to unlock your device, that is exactly what those numbers are in that movie, a code.


Actually, it’s called a Binary Code; containing nothing but 1’s and zero’s. It is shown in a group of 8 digits. To write out the code, would take a lifetime, but that is what your computer or phone does, it writes codes. Writing codes, tells the computer what do and how to operate. Something like a secret language that is used; a language called Python, which is used for programming. That language is set of rules that defines how code should be written out and formatted. Many languages within the computer help us create software, apps, and websites.


Just like the on and off switch on a device, the language has an on and off switch as well but it never goes off really. Languages, have high levels and low levels. Low levels are closer to Binary Code, which can not be humanly written out. High levels, are the complete opposite and are way less detailed. Most programming languages used today are high level coding.


By the year 2023, jobs featuring coding will exceed employment at fast food restaurants. While interviewing Shanise Roberts, a 8th grader at Jennings Jr. High, she believes that by that time, it will be a good thing for coders to take over the world. As a teenager, she is very involved in apps on her phone such as, SnapChat, Facebook, and Kim kardashian Hollywood. Shanise knows the process behind coding is how it all works. By the time she graduates high school, people within the coding profession could make anywhere between 70 to 90 grand a year. Sounds like encouragement, doesn’t it. So if you are a middle school student, get ready because you could become a millionaire from just playing on the computer.


It’s not about being a computer geek, or a know it all. You might need extra tutoring in math, but if you know how to use a computer, the internet, and a scratch program, coding will be a breeze. If this program can be taught to middle school students to where their skills are mastered within just a week, anything in technology is possible, including coding.

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