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College students are busy people, trying to balance school and a social life. Often, there’s another caveat thrown in that further complicates things: money. Whether you’re paying for school on your own or just need to buy food and pay for activities, most college kids are in need of money. It’s easy to say “Get a job,” but the situation can be more complex than that. Some may think that workplaces won’t be able to work around their schedule. Some may simply not have time to go out and physically job hunt. Luckily, there are a variety of resources Maryville students looking for jobs can use.

Maryville itself provides a number of valuable services through the Office of Career Success & Professional Development, a hidden gem on campus. The office’s new director, Erin Boswell, wants to get the word out about her office. “The Office of Career Success & Professional Development, along with the Life Coach Staff, offer many services and resources. We provide major and career exploration assistance, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, job search assistance, graduate school preparation, professional develop events such as career fairs and workshops and the student employment (work study) program,” Boswell said.

There are two tools Boswell says every Maryville student should use: myCareer and Interview Stream. MyCareer is a job portal filled with positions that are posted specifically for Maryville students and alumni. Jobs (both part-time and full-time) and internships are posted on a daily basis. To access myCareer, click here and choose  ‘myCareer’.  You’ll be asked to create a log-in, then upload a resume. Be sure to keep your resume updated at all times.

Erin Boswell, Director of Career Success & Professional Development
Erin Boswell, Director of Career Success & Professional Development. Photo courtesy of Danny Reiss.

InterviewStream is something you can take advantage of even if you aren’t actively job searching. It lets you record yourself responding to interview questions and practice before the real interview. There are pre-selected interviews and a library of more than 400 questions for both job and grad school interviews. You can even share your interview for others to critique. Access InterviewStream by clicking here.

While the Office of Career Success & Professional Development offers many services, there are some other useful resources as well. As many professors will undoubtedly encourage you to do, Boswell highly recommends making a LinkedIn account. “Once students create their page they should take advantage of the Maryville University Alumni Network, made up of over 14,500 Maryville alums. Students can search ‘Maryville University.’ Make sure you click on the University page, not the company page,” Boswell said.

While jobs are relatively easy to find, one of the biggest problems college students face when looking for a job is finding an employer that can work around their school schedule. Grant Czapla, junior, recently found a new job, but faced this same problem, “I found it to be easy to find a job. The hard part is to find one that will work with my schedule. I ended up finding a job from a friend of mine, Tom. His cousin owns a small business… They have been great and are super flexible with work hours,” Czapla said.

Looking for jobs on myCareer could solves that problem, according to Boswell. “Don’t be afraid to ask an employer if they are flexible with the hours.  Some companies may have duties that have to be done in a specific time frame, but others may not.  Search myCareer for part-time jobs and internships. Companies posting on a college job portal understand that students have class, so they may be more flexible with hours,” Boswell said.

Places currently hiring near school with schedule flexibility:

  • Chesterfield Valley Home Depot
  • Town & Country Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs
  • Manchester Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress
  • Manchester Academy Sports

In addition, Maryville has a variety of open work-study positions. If you would like to contact the Office of Career Success and Professional Development, you can go by the Division of Student Success on the first floor of the library, call 314-529-9375 or email Erin at eboswell@maryville.edu

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