Don't do Curls on the Squat Rack

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In the past few years, Maryville University has seen significant growth on campus. This growth includes two additional workout areas, the new fitness addition to Simon and in Saints Hall. Both of these centers feature cardio and exercise machines, pull-up bars and dumbbells weighing up to fifty pounds. While these have been great additions to Maryville and give students plenty of room to exercise, Maryville lacks the proper amount of free weights for students looking to lift. In the old Simon fitness center, where most of the free weights are, students have to wait their turn for equipment which cuts into their time in the gym and causes crowding.

Students using the bike and elliptical machines in the addition to the Simon fitness center. Photo courtesy of Catherine Kleiss.

“I think that the new area should honestly have more free weights, like barbells, to use because it primarily consist of machines. I get that aspect, because it’s 24/7 and the machines are safer, but sometimes the old area is just packed and we can’t always get the workout in that we want,” Nathan Thomas, senior, said.

The majority of the free weights are in Simon’s old weight room, which includes dumbbells ranging from five to 100 lbs, two Olympic weight racks, two power racks, a few exercise machines and 10 cardio machines. For student athletes, it is a challenge finding enough equipment and space for the whole team to get an effective workout together. As a Division II school with 19 sports teams, it is important for athletes to get a proper workout with adequate room and equipment in order to compete with the other schools in the conference.

Mitchell Law and Drew Paden, freshmen, in the old Simon fitness center. Photo courtesy of Catherine Kleiss.

“I don’t think there is enough room for my entire team to effectively do their workouts in the weight room”, says junior, Rachel Thomas, who is on the Maryville women’s soccer team. “I think it would be very beneficial to move the cardio machines to a different location. Having the new addition only for cardio use and the weight room for weights would be more efficient.”

How can this problem be fixed? The old, dirty cardio machines should be removed from the old weight room to give students more room to focus on weights. Once those cardio machines are removed, that will open up space to add additional power racks, barbells and dumbbells. This will allow for more people and full athletic teams to workout without having to wait their turn.

Two students benching on the Olympic racks in the old Simon weight room. Photo courtesy of Catherine Kleiss.

Maryville University is constantly updating their utilities in order to give students the best experience and it may just be a matter of time before Maryville revamps the old weight room. Until then, it is important to be considerate of other people while working out. If you are just standing around and talking to friends, be aware of students around you. When you are resting between your sets, let students waiting know they can get their set in. Try to use only one set of dumbbells at a time, and when you are finished, put them back on the rack for the next person. And most importantly, don’t do curls on the squat rack.

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